Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Spring Coat

This is The Whirlwinds new spring coat that i made her for her birthday. Its another Heidi&Finn pattern 'The Chic Everyday Coat'

I have to say that normally these patterns are more on the generous side. This coat has come up a bit snug, but then again Roo is quiet big for her age!

Still the next size in the pattern was 4-5 and that would have been enormous!

I think the problem lies with this seam, and inverted peat at the back. It makes the top of the back narrower than the front and bottom, which makes the fit a bit tight under the arms.

Of course it could all be in my stitching, and the fact that my daughter is a chunk!

It isn't really too bad, it just means that it probably wont last as long as id have liked, and she cant wear it with any jumpers underneath.

Over all though i love it! And with thin layers underneath, it will do fine as a Spring/Summer coat (when the sun finally arrives!!!)

It is slightly unfinished as there is a strap bit that goes across the back, but i haven't sewn it on because i need buttons for it.

Anyone know where i can find big pink plastic buttons x3 in 1" diameter and x2 in half inch as I'm not happy with the fabric covered ones on the front either? I really think shiny ones would look much cooler!

x K


made with love said...

You are very clever. I love it.
Rachael xx

little birds fly said...

love it! really cute...maybe you could just size the pattern up a bit...kind of in between the 3 and the 4/5? one of my sewing students is making the Heidi and Finn Sunshine far, so awesome! the pintuck sun rays are really nice...makes me itch to make one for Lils..have you sewn that pattern?