Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Spring Coat

This is The Whirlwinds new spring coat that i made her for her birthday. Its another Heidi&Finn pattern 'The Chic Everyday Coat'

I have to say that normally these patterns are more on the generous side. This coat has come up a bit snug, but then again Roo is quiet big for her age!

Still the next size in the pattern was 4-5 and that would have been enormous!

I think the problem lies with this seam, and inverted peat at the back. It makes the top of the back narrower than the front and bottom, which makes the fit a bit tight under the arms.

Of course it could all be in my stitching, and the fact that my daughter is a chunk!

It isn't really too bad, it just means that it probably wont last as long as id have liked, and she cant wear it with any jumpers underneath.

Over all though i love it! And with thin layers underneath, it will do fine as a Spring/Summer coat (when the sun finally arrives!!!)

It is slightly unfinished as there is a strap bit that goes across the back, but i haven't sewn it on because i need buttons for it.

Anyone know where i can find big pink plastic buttons x3 in 1" diameter and x2 in half inch as I'm not happy with the fabric covered ones on the front either? I really think shiny ones would look much cooler!

x K

Monday, 29 March 2010

Red, White and Blue

Firstly , did we have a wonderful time celebrating The Whirlwinds 2ND birthday last week?...Well yes we did! We spent the day at the Zoo, had a picnic and sang happy birthday round a Peppa pig cake in the evening.

Did i finish the kitchen???....NO!!!! but i will! (I have to, i have a zillion cardboard boxes in my kitchen)

I did do lots of sewing though, I will show you over the week, starting today with this dress which wasn't even for The Whirlwind, but for my good friend Sarah's daughter who was born 3 days after Roo, We actually stopped to show Roo off to her and her husband on our way out of the hospital as they were about to go into the delivery suit to have Jess. I cant believe our girls are 2 already,it feels like only yesterday they were born!!! Unfortunately we don't live near each other anymore so Ruby & Jess">the girls don't see each other as much we would like!......... (dont know why this picture is cut off!)

I'm quiet pleased with this dress , perfect for spring/summer and I'm sure Jess will look gorgeous in it, Sarah has promised to send me some modeling pics.

Luv you Bish! xxx


Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Ruby, Ruby,
The girl with curly hair.

She likes to twizzel, twizzel everywhere,

Round and round she goes,
On her tippie toes,

Dizzy little,
Silly little,


x K

Friday, 19 March 2010

Not what im supposed to be doing!

Its been a good week this week, the weather has been wonderful and we have spent a lot of time in the garden, The Whirlwind even had a playmate over ( very rare as our house is the size of a shoe box but the garden gave us the extra room!) The only downside is that my hayfever has well and truly kicked in! It only seems to irritate me mornings and evenings, which means i have woken every morning feeling like i have the hangover from hell without the thrills of the night before! and early nights as it just tires me out. Needless to say i have not done much sewing this week. I have a half finished gold faux leather bag which is my belated Mday present for my mum...Luckily i wont see her till tomorrow, and its just the strap that needs finishing. I have about 400 cardboard boxes stacked in the corner of my kitchen in preparation for this little project! But i have resigned myself to the fact that it probably wont be done by The Whirlwinds B-day . She will be 2, is she really going to notice! and my sew along skirt still needs amending. So with all these outstanding projects what did i decide to start at 10.30pm last night (couldn't possibly go to bed early on a Thursday before watching Greys and Bones!).......

from this.......

I blame Neil for telling me this shirt had a hole in the sleeve and he was going to throw it away! this
And i blame Dana for posting THIS adorable dress on her MADE blog yesterday which reminded me that i always wanted to do one of these refashions!

Its not perfect, but its cute and wearable...More of a long shirt than a dress.I will definitely be raiding Neils wardrobe for a few more shirts!


Back to my list!

x K

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mothers Day.

A big thumbs up to all the Yummy Mummys.

xxx K&R

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Meh too!

So i finally stitched together my first muslin. I haven't done any finishings ( eg. zipper, waist and hem) as i want to get the fit right first before i start with all that palava (I'm a bit scared about the zip fastening!)

I have cheated here a bit because originally the skirt was way too big around the waist and hip, but i thought it was because i drew up a 1cm seam allowance but only sewed 1/4''. So i stitched another seam another 1/4'' in from the first seam (it looked like it needed more than the 1cm!) but it is still a bit too big on the waist and my darts are not central either so i think my measurements were just off!

Also i have found it a bit tricky to get each dart the same length, one is slightly longer than the other both front and back, it doesn't really notice but i know they are and its annoying. Any tips for even darts?

I shall go back to the drawing board for the pattern, i think i can probably save this skirt by fiddling a bit, but i want to get the pattern right so i wont have to mess around in the future. Which is kinda the point of learning to draw my own patterns right!
All in all so far i like the length and the cut has been really flattering on the other ladies who have shown off their muslin's in the flicker group.
I'm quiet enjoying this whole process, it really makes you think and look at all the fine detail. With kids clothes you can get away with errors from 'winging it' but not so with grown up clobber!

This is what i wore at work today, i thought i would share with you because if you look back through by blog, every other picture of me on here has me looking like a this is just to show i can look cute!
x K

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Can you tell what it is yet? pt1

IT appears that something i have suspected all my life is indeed true......I HAVE NO HIPS, or is it no waist...either way i am straight as a pencil round the middle...
I mean Ive checked the measurements several times and yet my skirt pattern still looks like half a square!
I have my first 'muslin' cut and ready to stitch's hoping that once the darts are in place it will show i have a little bit of curve!

As for my march list...Well it seems to be getting longer by the day! so far i have completed, One Bag, purse and brooch set for my neighbour, A pair of baby shoes for a friend, A dress alteration for my neighbour, and a camera case....NON of which were on my list!
From the list i have made, one T- shirt for my nephew who in fact turned 7 not 6 at the weekend (somewhere i missed a year!!) and cut out the pieces i need for my sister-in-laws birthday gift (which was on Monday!).

So things are going well as you can see!

As for the Kitchen...... I have looked at the plans. But that wont get started till next week, Luckily my in-laws own a printing business so they have cardboard coming out of their ears, I do however seem to have misplaced my glue gun. I do LOVE glue guns, and staple guns for that matter!

x K

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The Month of March.....

Is a busy one for me, both socially and sewingly, and thus consequently.... financially!
So this is the plan....

Date Occasion Make
5th Nephews 6th B'day Appliqued T-shirt
8th Sister-in-laws B'day Ruffle clutch purse
15th Mothers day x2 bag & purse sets
20th Sarah Visit Something suitably boyish!
21st Father-in-law B'day ????
23rd Whirlwinds 2nd B'day Cardboard Kitchen!

I fear that there will be a lot of late night sewing! Add to all this the fact that Neil is going away with work for over a week so muggins here will have to iron all his stuff, and i made a camera case sale on folksy last night so that will all have to be done by the weekend!
There will be a lot of trips down to my mothers in Kent too! The best of which will be a night out with the girls to celebrate the visit home of a good friend, who married a kiwi and emigrated to Oz about 10yrs age. Last time Sarah was home i was only 3 months pregnant with Roo, she had a 5month old Oliver and Carter was only a twinkle in his daddy's eye, so i can'not wait for that catch up!

As for the Cardboard Kitchen ,it is a fantastic creation by forty-two roads. ( yes i REALLY AM going to try and this!!!!)

I just bought the pdf pattern in her Etsy store, Im soooooo excited as i really wanted to buy The Whirlwind a wooden kitchen that costs £150! but this looks like it would be fun to build.......Seriously! how hard can it be?

Best pull my finger out! I don't think i shall be getting any sleep this month!
(not forgetting the Sew along!)

x K