Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Can you tell what it is yet? pt1

IT appears that something i have suspected all my life is indeed true......I HAVE NO HIPS, or is it no waist...either way i am straight as a pencil round the middle...
I mean Ive checked the measurements several times and yet my skirt pattern still looks like half a square!
I have my first 'muslin' cut and ready to stitch up...here's hoping that once the darts are in place it will show i have a little bit of curve!

As for my march list...Well it seems to be getting longer by the day! so far i have completed, One Bag, purse and brooch set for my neighbour, A pair of baby shoes for a friend, A dress alteration for my neighbour, and a camera case....NON of which were on my list!
From the list i have made, one T- shirt for my nephew who in fact turned 7 not 6 at the weekend (somewhere i missed a year!!) and cut out the pieces i need for my sister-in-laws birthday gift (which was on Monday!).

So things are going well as you can see!

As for the Kitchen...... I have looked at the plans. But that wont get started till next week, Luckily my in-laws own a printing business so they have cardboard coming out of their ears, I do however seem to have misplaced my glue gun. I do LOVE glue guns, and staple guns for that matter!

x K


Kitschy Coo said...

I haven't taken my measurements but suspect mine will be pretty much the same as yours! What sweep are you using? You could always increase it so it has more flare...

made with love said...

Ooooo, that looks good. Making your own clothes. You are ever so clever. I think I might try to make something for my daughter this summer.
Your list sounds like my list:(
Have fun,
Rachael XX

little birds fly said...

haha!!! I think I wrote the EXACT same post! Maybe we should change the name of the "Cool Girls' Club" to the "Straight as a Pencil Girls' Club " I'm hoping the darts will help as well...will try to get sewing today :)