Monday, 13 September 2010

I may not have a sewing machine, but we can still make........

......Fairy Princess wings
I think 'we all know' who had the most fun doing all this cutting and sticking!......We will be finding bits of peach tissue paper everywhere for weeks! There is also a matching wand but she point blankly refused to hold it up for the camera!

If you haven't seen or heard of the wonderful Elsie Marley then go take a look at her blog. She is hosting another kid's clothes week challenge for Fall/Autumn. She did one in the spring which I missed, but as I will be reunited with my 'ONE TRUE GREAT LOVE'(sewing machine) this Friday I think joining in will be a fun way to get back into the sewing swing of things

So what do i plan on making....

- A new coat for The Whirlwind. I really loved the spring coat I made her but it was always a bit snug and now just wont do. so I shall use the same pattern and I'm thinking purple cord or twill for a new one, as believe it on not it does get a little cold here in the winter months.

-Pants/knickers....We're potty training right now and you can never have too many.


-A beach bag- Can you believe I never took one to Malta, so had to buy a really bright yellow awful thing in a beach emergency.

So that's for starters...What will you be sewing?

Saturday, 11 September 2010

The silent city

Wednesday was a public holiday in Malta. I don't know what for exactly, but more than likely it was to do with a Saint!
We decided to head to the Medieval city of M'dina....
It is situated high on a hill

It has Lots of winding narrow streets

Beautiful houses (The old palaces which are now private residence)

A beautiful Cathedral

Panoramic views of the Island

Lots of history (something to do with Knights)

Beautiful little features everywhere

Is this not the prettiest cash point machine you have ever seen!

It is also known as 'The silent city'...again i don't know why....
But for the 1.5hrs we were there it was renamed 'The incredibly noisy toddler city!!'

Yesterday was my birthday.......I got a different selection of presents than i normally get, i think due to having to post them and all, but all lovely and much appreciated. The highlight are my john Lewis vouchers which i CAN NOT WAIT to blow in the haberdashery department when I'm home next week (exactly a week today).

Happy weekend folk's. We are barbecuing and water parking it this weekend how about you?


Friday, 3 September 2010

Life on the island.

So I'm a very bad blogger.....It's official.

The truth be told i have found myself in a bit of a blogging rut since we moved to Malta. I have started many post's but finished none (except this one i hope!) The main problem is my lack of sewing machine and supplies.
I'm finding that one day is very much like the next at the moment. I never thought I would find myself complaining about the heat, but it really has been too hot. In the high 30's/40's most days, although the temperature has dropped the last two days and there have actually been a few 'grey' clouds in the sky this morning...apparently we are set for storms this weekend!
Due to the insufferable heat and the mountain of a hill we have to walk up to get home from a trip, we are spending most of oer days as follows...

Mornings at the beach, the playzone (indoor ball park with air con!) or walking along
the promenade.
Then home for lunch by 1pm.
Then 2hr nap (for me too!)
Followed by an afternoon of me chasing The Whirlwind round the flat with a potty hoping
she will poo into that, and not on the floor! (thank God for marble floors!)

We have also become somewhat obsessed with the Disney Movie Cars, and by 'we' i mean The Whirlwind. She is not happy unless she has watched it at least 8 times a day. Literally from the moment she wakes till the moment she goes to bed at night she goes on about it...''Watch Car's now mummy?''...''I'm Lightning McQueen''...''I'm the fastest, just like lighting McQueen''...''Lets race, c'mon Lightning McQueen''....On and on she goes! So far she has managed to manipulate a Lightning McQueen toy car, bucket and spade and cup and plate set out of us. But she can spot the brand images from 50 paces and it is EVERYWHERE.....I guess its the 'Boy's' Equivalent of Disney Princesses (whom she doesn't even bat an eyelid at!

Our evenings are where it has all come alive....We have had lots of dinners out and barbeque's with friends, one of the biggest adjustments living out here has been the fact that the children are all up late. Ruby comes 'everywhere' with us and it has taken me a while to figure out how best to handle this, as her routine in the UK had her in bed at 7pm on the dot, without fail. This is the time we tend to go out in the evening's here. She would be fine for the first hour (but we are an hour ahead here anyway) then she would enter the manic know the zone where they are tired but don't want to give in to it, so just go manic, and wont sit still...Not fun when your in a restaurant (a restaurant full of other children all sitting nicely without making a peep!)
But I think she is getting used to it now, Later naps for her and more alcohol for me has resulted in us being a lot more chilled out of an eve now.

There is a mother and toddler club starting up next week which we shall be going along to with some friends that we have met, and then the week after that we are actually going home for a week. I am very excited about this trip as i intend to spend the whole seven days glued to my sewing machine....and it will defiantly be coming back to Malta with me this time.

Looking out my window it is actually raining right now, that's the first time in the eight weeks we have been here that it has rain. I think i will have to take The Whirlwind out to jump some puddles!
x K