Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Dolls house Project (pt2)

Things are coming along nicely!

Over the weekend I was able to finish off painting the outside of the house. I decided to go with a white house with fuchsia roof and trims.
 I love how bright the pink is, however I am rather annoyed  with myself that I had painted the underlay of the roof white, as it turns out it wasn't an emulsion paint so the top pink coats are gonna be prone to scratching off I think! I guess I could have sanded it down first, but to be honest I couldn't be bothered. We will see how long it holds up!

Now to get started on the inside.....

The house has 6 rooms in total. I think we will have the kitchen and living room on the ground floor. A bed room and a Library on the middle floor and the bathroom and a nursery in the attic.

I have been browsing the wallpaper isles in Focus and found these lovely striped wallpapers.....The great thing about these DIY stores is that you can normally cut of a sample strip of wallpaper free of charge. So i did!.....

I think the pale blue stripe will be good for the bath room and the pale pink for the nursery. The colours aren't actually as pale as the picture's show, but it was tricky trying to photograph them!

For the flooring I have seen some wood effect contact paper, but they were out of the colour I wanted so I will try back this weekend.
The Whirlwind is desperate to get her mitts on the house. We had a look on eBay for furniture (Soooo expensive!). but for now she is allowed to play with it using her Peppa Pig figures and furniture.

On the sewing table this week I am making a few bags.
I created the pattern myself and am really pleased with how the first one has turned out! Cant wait to show them off when their all done.

x K

Friday, 23 September 2011

The Owl & The Pussycat

My favourite children's rhyme is the Edward Lear  poem ''The Owl and the Pussycat.'' I have been reciting it to The Whirlwind every night when I put her to bed, since the day she was born. She knows the whole rhyme by heart now! We like to recite it in funny voice's and have added animal noises at certain point's.''.......So they took it away and were married next day by the Turkey who lives on the hill.....Gobble Gobble!''(Roo's favourite sound effect!)
For a long time now I have been wanting to create something with the poems theme to hang in her room (as part of the ongoing decorating project!). I have found some lovely bits for inspiration on line which finally prompted me to start using Pinterest (HOW addictive!)
Yesterday I got the scrap bag out!

 I'm not entirely happy with it as there are 'several' flaws....

The Pussycat is a bit too pale and I messed up the embroidery on her face, then the thread pulled in the Owls body leaving a white line across the brown fabric.! But I like the composition so not bad for a first go I guess?
I hope that after a bit of practicing my freearm embroidery on the machine I will be able to create something a bit 'neater' on a bigger scale!

Happy weekending y'all
x K

Monday, 19 September 2011

The Dolls House Project!

About 6/7 years ago Neilyboy bought me a dolls house. It came flat packed and I had dreams of building it and wiring and decorating it and then finding some way to shrink myself so i could move into it!.....
......I got as far as gluing four walls and then it sat in the hallway at my mothers house, collecting dust and being used as a spot for my brother to store his football shoes!

When we got back from Malta I decided  now was the time to resurrect it and eventually give it to Ruby to play with.

My 'Grand Design's' have been scaled down somewhat and the plan now is just to paint it and decorate the inside using carpet, fabric and wallpaper scraps.
I really wanted Ruby to be involved...She is very eger! Her morning mantra is ''Can we paint the house today? Can we paint the house today?'' (x1000).
So far I have let her help me paint the primer coat. It was a very stress full bonding experience watching her slap and flick paint around my kitchen table. Unfortunatly now that she is out of the way back in nursery I don't want her to ruin it! think she will be able to help as much !!!!

Now that the base coat has been done I am quite excited about painting the actual colours. I'm thinking Gray roof, Plumb walls with Pink and Green Detailing around the windows and doors. Unfortunately I'm gonna have to wait a day or so to crack on with it as The Whirlwind is at home sick with a very bad cough. Poor baby!

 x K

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Back to blogger!

I'm back!

It's been such a long time!
Are you still there?.....
.....I know you have all missed me!

Our time in Malta kind of ran away with me!
We're home now and not going anywhere else anytime soon....Promise!

I have a fancy NEW sewing machine (The last one died in Malta :-(.....One of the reasons I stopped blogging.)

She's a few days old and so far I have made this......

Its a new cover for the Whirlwind's Ikea Poang chair. It originally had a plain calico cover but after 2yrs it was all stained and worn and a bit shrunken from too much tumble drying. It was time for a makeover! My new sewing machine is such a breath of fresh air, I didn't even break any needles sewing through 4 layers of canvas...This is a first for me...I'm VERY happy! All I did was trace over the old cover to create a pattern and then used the old padding inside this one. I am VERY Pleased with how it turned out...Especially as it sits quite dominantly in our front room.

The Whirlwind went back to nursery this week after a whole summer off (Can I have a hallelujah!)

Look how big this baby got!!!

This leaves me with a bit of free time to get on with some serious sewing and also a little Project I am trying to get up and running!....Watch this space.

x K