Tuesday, 26 January 2010

work in progress

We have lived in our little house now for just over 18months, and about 90% of the walls are still bare, I find this highly depressing, but i just don't seem to know what i want to put on them? The only room that has any real decor is The Whirlwinds. Slowly but surely i am filling her walls with mommy made items and bright colours.
This is the latest addition i made last night, and i just love it.

I think This little house sits nicely with the potato stamp heart canvas and the fabric applique pictures that i did well over a year ago, but only got round to painting the box frames with white gloss just before Christmas.

The little mouse in the middle is my favourite!

There is a bit of space on the wall to the left of the ensemble (before the bookcase) to fit another something. This next project is going to have an 'Owl and the Pussycat' theme as this is The Whirlwinds favourite nursery rhyme.

The opposite wall still needs a lot of work to fill it as it only has bunting at the moment. I have a 'work in progress' canvas with applique and oil paints with her name, but I'm not really liking how it is turning out so have abandoned it for now! You can sneak a peak at that here. It has actually advanced a bit since this picture, but as you can see it was supposed to be done for the Whirlwinds 1st birthday so I've been picking at it for about a year now!The back wall has a selection of prints, but there not framed so i shall show you those when i get round to that job!
I love that these are all things i have made, and i hope that she will treasure them as she gets older and not cover them over with horrendous boy band pictures!

x K


made with love said...

What pretty art work. I also love the fabric you have on your bunting.
Have a great week.
Rachael XX

Mary Poppins said...

What lovely pretties you have shared with us, I adore the bunting. I too have bare walls , actually very bare walls, kind of the pink plastery look ;) We shall get there :)



Kunklebaby said...

Very pretty! They look lovely!