Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A little ditty! (Giveaway pt 4)

I am seriously aching all over this evening, who would think a half hour workout could ache so bad!

The old man is still off work this week, which means I'm way behind on my sewing schedule as i i cant get to my work space (The kitchen table!) as he is always in his office (The kitchen table!) or planning my day for me and by the evening I'm knackered! Roll on next Tue when he goes back!

I did get chance to wip up this little ditty for the giveaway. It is a card made up of fabric scraps. This is my favourite way to use up scraps, as you really cant go wrong and the results are always pretty.
find the tutorial and loads more inspiration from the wonderful Dana over at MADE

Click here for full details of 'The big, bag giveaway bonanza!'

x K