Sunday, 3 January 2010

Dont forget your keys!.....Giveaway pt2

Wow! I really cant believe the response i have had so far for my little giveaway! I am really enjoying reading about your essential 3 items you all keep in your handbags!

This is my current handbag! Its a fake leather one from Primani! but i love it!....

Isnt there a saying ''A tidy home is a tidy mind!''.......

What do you think the contents of my handbag might say about the state of my mind!Having a spare pair of the Whirlwinds gloves is OK, but i don't know why there is a pair of socks in there!
You will notice my mobile is missing, this is due to the fact that i gave it to The Whirlwind to
watch Peppa Pig on YouTube, so she would stay out of the way of my photos. Don't you just LOVE the way mobile phones have advanced! ( daddy has the football on so couldn't use the TV!)

Any way the first little goodie to add to our big giveaway bonanza is an essential to every handbag.......A keyring for your keys,
I am ALWAYS leaving my keys behind when i go out especially if i change handbags! (just read through this old post to see how much of a clux i really am!) But as you can see from the contents of my handbag my keyring is pretty unnoticeable.
Well this Cath Kidston fabric wonky star ( purposely so, as her stars are always wonky!) will definitely stand out
ensuring that you never forget your keys!
Any NEW ENTRIES to the giveaway please click back to the original post ''The big, bag giveaway bonanza'' and leave your comments there, otherwise i will start to get confused!
x K

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