Monday, 4 January 2010

Time to get in shape! (Giveaway pt3)

So one of my New Year resolutions is to get in shape! prior to having the Whirlwind i was always very slim, even at times skinny! ( i actually once owned a pair of size 0 jeans!) Anyhoo lets just say that I'm twice the woman i used to be! I guess i cant really blame the Whirlwind completely, i mean i really am not as active as i used to be. The most amount of exercise i get is walking to work and back at a brisk pace ( less than 1/2 a mile each way! and only brisk because I'm always late.) I eat 'way' too many take aways and drink FAR tooooo much alcohol! I know running around after a toddler does save me from being a complete sloth, But The time has come for action to be taken.


I joined a gym......Yes, that's right i actually did it!
Today was my induction day. This is how i looked....

Ok! Ok! i admit this is how 'I WISH' i looked, and how I WILL look by the end of the year!!!!!!
So to spur me on here is a picture to shame me into shape! This is not good!
Trust me by the end of the year chins 2 & 3 will be long gone! and i will no longer be considering Waynetta Slob as my style icon! (why didn't anyone tell me i had a big stain on the front of my vest!)

So as i am going all out in the fitness and slimming department it doesn't help to have x2 multi packs of bueno in the house. Now I'm not saying that I'm giving up chocolate completely....why that would just be ridiculous! !!! But i am prepared to give one up for the giveaway...and i promise that all other chocolate in the house will be gone by the end of the week( if not sooner!) and i will only eat it from now on, on days ending in 'y'

into the bag it goes....enjoy!

To enter the giveaway you can find the details here!



Top Floor T said...

Good luck with your weight loss Kym, although I think you look just fine as you are!! Then again, I too am on a weight loss kick at the moment, and people keep saying I look fine too, lol. I'm sat here munching on the chocolate brownie cake my daughter made last night, contemplating having a go on the WiiFit. My goal is to lose 1st 8lbs by July. HA! As if!! ;)

jolicious said...

mmmmmm....... Bueno!

Sorry I couldn't help but notice the stain on your top!!! tut tut!

Love the idea of putting things in the bag - great!

Happy new year to you! xxx

Kym said...

@ topfloor...Thanks but for saying i look fine, but i know i can, and have looked better! I too am aiming for about 1 and half stone! i dbout very much it will happen by July though! Good luck to you.
@ Jolicious.....That stain!...... I think it was Chocolate!
Look this pic before i went to the gym but didnt look at it properly, thus not noticing the stain till i got back. I looked a right treat!

mgoodfield said...

Hey Kym you could have saved so many pennies by joining the Misi Slimathon instead of the Gym, oh well........... The three essentials in my handbag excluding purse and moby ( obviously )Spare pair of knickers, well I'm sorry but just can't not do what my Mum instilled in me from birth, always carry a clean pair of knicks with you, in case you get knocked down by a car !!!! Like the first thing I'm gonna think of as I lie in the road bruised and battered, " Now I really must change my knickers before the doctor see me " right!! Old habits die hard tho'. Second, pack of wet wipes, self explanitary and nothing to do with the clean knicks. Third Notebook and pen, know its two things but one no good without the other is it? Got to write things down as I think of them, designs, shopping, what day is it, where am I ??? ! Mo. MornieG Jewellery.