Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Its OK! I've calmed down now!

I well and truly threw my toys out of the pram yesterday over this bloody camera charger. I cant find it anywhere, my mum cant find it at hers either, so Lord only knows where its got to.
I am going to stop looking for IT now and hope that IT finds me! in the mean time I'm off round my in laws tomorrow in the hope that her charger will work for me as they are the same brand! Then hopefully we can get some decent pictures of my recent makes for the shops!
In the mean time here are some great giveaway links

Sew Scrumptious is giving away a fleece buggy blanket, perfect for this snow fest were currently being subjected too here in Ol' Blighty!

Tiny white daisies is giving away some fantastic goodies for both knitters and sewers

and Crystals Creations is giving away some gorgeous earrings.

I wont wish you all good luck because i want them all for myself!


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