Monday, 21 June 2010

Seriously! Does she really need any more?

In the last 2wks i have made The Whirlwind 8 new dresses!
I cant seem to stop!
I made the most recent 2 last night.

From KitchyCoos 'Smocky top' pattern

I love the pattern.....not so sure on my fabric choices! I started off thinking it all looked a bit 70's housewife! But now I'm thinking Retro Boho chic!......Anyway this time i went for the 3T-4T size and yes it is a bit big but she will definitely get 2 summers out of it. ( I think i will add some side ties to bring it in for now.)

'' I cant believe your taking my picture, when you haven't even bothered to brush my hair today mummy''

I love the yoke on this pattern and got it into my head that it would look lovely as a sleeveless dress. So a bit of fiddling and tweaking about later.... (Hope you don't mind the butchering of the sleeves Amanda!).....

I also took the smock in slightly and lengthened it.

Again I'm not 100% on the fabric combo, but i think i will add a big pocket to the side in the pink polka to bring it all together.
Notice the funny tan lines made by her sandals on the Whirlwinds feet! hee hee.

At the top of this post i said i had made 8 dresses....I just remembered a 9th!
I bought this 50p charity tee last week. Now I'm not normally one for slogans or writing on clothing, but lately The Whirlwind keeps telling me she is a princess!

So during yesterday afternoons nap.....A snip here and a bit of elastic there, and we have a cute little halter number.

I don't think Id put her in this to go out, but its a cute little piece for when we're lounging around our new apartment trying to keep cool in the 37 degree heat!

I really need to focus on sewing some other things now, but i cant promise there wont be more dresses!!!

x K

Friday, 18 June 2010

2 weeks to go!

Neilyboy has been warming up the new apartment in Malta for 4 wks now. The Whirlwind is definitely missing him, as am I. He will be home with us this time next week, and then the following week we all fly out together to start our 9 month adventure.
I am starting to get quiet excited now, mostly that our little family will all be back under one roof. Skype has been a total Godsend as it has allowed The Whirlwind to see her daddy at least a couple of times a week and have endless babbling conversations where she talks him through an entire episode of Dora the Explora without the fear of an extortionate phone bill!.I must say that it has not been as much of a strain as i thought it might be, mostly because we have kept ourselves as busy as possible. This afternoon was the first time we have stayed indoors and did NOTHING for over 2wks, (I didn't even unbolt the front door from last night!)
The evenings have been the hardest for me, as that's when Neilyboys absence is most noticeable....Who would have thought i would miss being ignored whilst he watches the world cup footie, soooo much!
So to keep myself occupied in the pm i have gone in to a bit of a dress making frenzy! I have sewen up 2 since Wednesday evening and have cut the pieces out for 3 others.
I blame Amanda from KitschyCoo! She has a sale on at the moment and i just 'HAD TO HAVE' 2 of her patterns......The Mini Mod dress and the puff sleeve smocky top, (the smocky top pieces are what are on the cutting table, though i have lengthened them to make dresses)

The Mini Mod Dress....Red brushed cotton (gives a velvety feel)

Michael miller farmers market print in the box pleat...( this is one of my favourite prints but i have never used it in clothing before...I love it!

The Whirlwind doing her best 'wicked man' hand flick.
The dress size is 18m-2T...Now Roo is quiet a chunk so Amanda's patterns are quiet generous as this fits her nearly perfect! Not only is she a chunk, my baby is also tall, so its just a fraction of a bit shorter than i would have liked.....basically i should have taken Amanda's advice and made it in the 3T/4T to give growing room. but although i am aware the Whirlwind is big for her age, subconsciously i hate to add years on my baby (she is only just 26mths remember!) so continually make things up in a 2T instead of a 3T and then have no room for growth!

The dress will easily last her through the summer though (with the addition of some leggings), but doesn't it make the most perfect Christmas dress! I will just have to make another one for December( red cord or velvet???) in the next size up.

Now for more shirring......Using some of the gorgeous fabric i got from my friend in the U.S ( not that you cant get it here, just she got it cheaper!)

I seriously love these little sundresses. They take about an hour to make, so are like a quick 'fix' if your addicted to making girly dresses like i sooo clearly am!

The Whirlwind loves them tooo. She told me this one was her favourite.

I have 101 projects on the go right now. I think that i am starting to panic at the thought that i probably wont have a sewing machine for a while when we move...GULP!

I have finished up the sun hats, although one She refuses to wear, the other I finally managed to wrestle off her and put in the wash, as that one she refuses to take off, and it was far to grubby looking to photograph, so next time! Also im planning on making some shorts.....Oh dear, my list just keeps getting longer!

Happy weekend and sewing folks!

Thursday, 10 June 2010


I have been working on The Whirlwinds summer wardrobe!
First up?....Dresses.

Pleated tunic dress....Heidi and Finn pattern

Daddy's old work shirt revamped..... (tutorial here)

I made this one up as i went along, but its basically an adaption of a pillowcase dress.

This one is my favourite.....I had fun with the trimmings.

......It look me a while to get the technique right, but now i think that i have mastered it, i am going to be smocking/ shirring everything in sight!

I have also been working on a few sun hats, so they will be up for show next time.

I had a lovely visit from some old work friends this week, one of them now lives back in the U.S. and was over here on holiday, I cheekily asked her if she would bring me some fabric as it is a fraction of the price there that it is here. She bought me a lovely selection of Amy Butler, perfect for more dresses! ( 8yrds cost me just under £50...would have cost me at least £80 in John Lewis here!!!!)

Can you believe i never realised that she has been living 2 minutes from L.A's fabric district for the last 3yrs!...Well i know now and will be making regular orders!

I have a busy week ahead with lots more visits planned. Only 3 wks till the big move, so I am planning to see as many friends in that time as I can!

x K