Thursday, 28 January 2010

Mirror, Signal, Maneuvour

The Whirlwind really, REALLY wants to drive Daddys car!

x K

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

work in progress

We have lived in our little house now for just over 18months, and about 90% of the walls are still bare, I find this highly depressing, but i just don't seem to know what i want to put on them? The only room that has any real decor is The Whirlwinds. Slowly but surely i am filling her walls with mommy made items and bright colours.
This is the latest addition i made last night, and i just love it.

I think This little house sits nicely with the potato stamp heart canvas and the fabric applique pictures that i did well over a year ago, but only got round to painting the box frames with white gloss just before Christmas.

The little mouse in the middle is my favourite!

There is a bit of space on the wall to the left of the ensemble (before the bookcase) to fit another something. This next project is going to have an 'Owl and the Pussycat' theme as this is The Whirlwinds favourite nursery rhyme.

The opposite wall still needs a lot of work to fill it as it only has bunting at the moment. I have a 'work in progress' canvas with applique and oil paints with her name, but I'm not really liking how it is turning out so have abandoned it for now! You can sneak a peak at that here. It has actually advanced a bit since this picture, but as you can see it was supposed to be done for the Whirlwinds 1st birthday so I've been picking at it for about a year now!The back wall has a selection of prints, but there not framed so i shall show you those when i get round to that job!
I love that these are all things i have made, and i hope that she will treasure them as she gets older and not cover them over with horrendous boy band pictures!

x K

Monday, 25 January 2010


Back in spring last year i spent approx 3hrs online desperately trying to get concert tickets for arguably the worlds greatest performer, 3 months later Micheal Jackson tragical died, and I will now tragically never get to see him perform live in concert :-(
For Christmas my in laws bought myself and daddy whirlwind tickets to see the Westend musical 'Thriller live' and yesterday afternoon we set of in the car. Now we live just outside of London, it is only 30mins drive to the city from where we live (Over an hour by train! Go figure?) and Daddy is quiet experienced at driving uptown, HOWEVER we forgot about SUNDAYS....all the shops close at 6pm on Sundays, which means that every F***er and their backpack is out on the streets and as it is a no toll day so every goddamn 4x4 is on the road.....don't even get me started on the buses and we all know cab drivers are the Devil incarnate! It took 2hr to get parked up in Leicester square (£15 for 4hrs parking!!!!!!) The show started at 7.30 and we were given money for a meal as part of our Christmas gift, so with an hour to spare we decided on Angus Steak house ( Was least crowded looking) My lord! £18 for a bit of steak with a few leaves ( chips were extra!).......It was BLOODY LOVELY though, so hayho!

(Daddy trying to look uninterested because he hates having his picture taken)

(Me looking unimpressed at the price of our bill!)

7years i worked in the Westend, I did enjoy driving round recognising all the old haunts, venues, my old stores, For a split second i almost missed my old life! London is so buzzing and really is a very exciting city, Just don't ever try driving down Regent street at 6pm on a Sunday! Why we thought it would be a good idea i don't know! and I'm annoyed i couldn't take any picture driving round, but i was chief navigator and daddy kept telling me off for even trying to get the camera out ( you'll be pleased to know the charger issue is now resolved!)
Anyway the show was FANTASTIC. It was basically a tribute show with performers singing and dancing their way through MJ's vast career. The performance that stole the show was defiantly Smooth Criminal....they actually did the lean! and although the 4 main singers ( 1of them female) looked nothing like Jaco, they all kind of had his sound! However the main dancer...well if you didn't know any better!!! He had the moves down to a tee...his Moon walk was superb!

Needless to say after the stress of driving down we had a really entertaining evening. Only problem is that now I'm even more gutted we will never get to see the real man himself!
I so love going to the theatre. I love the old buildings and the Lyric theatre was really beautiful, i managed to get a sneak pic of the stunning chandelier , and the wooden griffin engraved panel above the stage before the mean usher told me off.


(This one is blurred because the usher tapped me on the shoulder as i took it.)

The next show i really want to see is 'Wicked'

x K

Thursday, 21 January 2010

A Little Bit of Sunshine.

I had rather a quiet week last week, well in terms of blogging, i don't think its actually possible to have a quiet week when you have a toddler in tow! Anyway you will be please to know that i have finally given up the ghost on the camera charger and gone and bought one on e-bay,so that should turn up any day now and i can start having some fun again.

A big thank you to Fairly Girly who passed on this sunshine blog award to me last week.

The Sunshine Award, is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspires others in the blog world.

The rules for accepting this award are:-
-Put the logo on your blog or within your post,
-Pass the award on to 12 bloggers,
-Link the nominees within your post,
-Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog,
-Share the love and link to the person from whom you have received this award.

Well i am very honoured and gladly accept this award. I am however only going to pass it onto 5 other bloggers, because i think all the great blogs i love have already received it!
AnyHoo they are....

Pickeled weasel
A little red ribbon

All fabulouse blogs im sure you will all agree.


Wednesday, 13 January 2010

New buttons!

In the side bar....Look!
You can now follow me on twitter, and /or become a fan of sugarmouse on facebook, but please excuese the work in progress on my facebook page!
I have also listed some custom camera cases in my folksy shop.
Have a look tell ,me what you think!

x K

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Its OK! I've calmed down now!

I well and truly threw my toys out of the pram yesterday over this bloody camera charger. I cant find it anywhere, my mum cant find it at hers either, so Lord only knows where its got to.
I am going to stop looking for IT now and hope that IT finds me! in the mean time I'm off round my in laws tomorrow in the hope that her charger will work for me as they are the same brand! Then hopefully we can get some decent pictures of my recent makes for the shops!
In the mean time here are some great giveaway links

Sew Scrumptious is giving away a fleece buggy blanket, perfect for this snow fest were currently being subjected too here in Ol' Blighty!

Tiny white daisies is giving away some fantastic goodies for both knitters and sewers

and Crystals Creations is giving away some gorgeous earrings.

I wont wish you all good luck because i want them all for myself!


Monday, 11 January 2010

Someone WILL die!


Sunday, 10 January 2010


I hope i haven't left you all in suspense tooo long! Today has been one of those days where everything happens and nothing goes right!
Anyhoo i tallied 152 entries and gave me the no 71, which was............

......Windycindy, who said...... Happy New Year! Your bags are very lovely!
I carry tic tacs, a small hair brush and cash
in my purse. Many thanks, Cindi.

CONGRATULATIONS to you. I have no idea where you hail from Cindi, but have sent you an email so cant wait to find out exactly where my little parcel will be winging its way to.
For those of you disappointed that you didn't win these goodies, I will be listing x2 identical bags and a whole new shop update in both my MISI and FOLKSY shops this week!

Once again THANK YOU every one for making this soo much fun.
I shall be back tomorrow with some show n' tell fun with red fleece!


Saturday, 9 January 2010

How time flys when your having fun!

My! How quickly this week has gone!
Thank you all for all your lovely comments, i have really enjoyed hearing about all the bits and bobs we ladies MUST have in or handbags. And also really enjoyed looking through all your blogs and having a poke about.
I hope you will all come back and visit me here as i have a lot more exciting bloggy things planned in the near future.

There are no more goodies today as i had 7 planned including the brooch on the front of the bag, but you've already seen that, so that's the lot!
I have started compiling every ones names for the draw so hopefully i will be able to do that tomorrow afternoon, then post the lucky winner.

The giveaway is still open till midnight tonight so still time for some late entries.
click here for full details of 'The big, bag giveaway'.
Fingers crossed ladies

x K

Friday, 8 January 2010

Snow! (Giveaway pt7)

As with everywhere else in the UK right now, there is an awful lot of snow here.
Might as well make a mini snowman i say!

(The reason he is sideways is because i cant get the bloody stupid picture to flip round....New camera charger is still MIA and i hate, I said HATE this old one!!!!!!!!)

And an absolute handbag essential to keep your pout smooth and moist in the harsh cold (or heat!) is a good lip balm.

In MY opinion this is THE BEST LIP BALM EVER!
Into the bag it goes.

Click here for full details of 'The big,bag giveaway bonanza'

x K

Thursday, 7 January 2010

My Favourite Photo! (Giveaway pt6)

The lovely Louise from Sew Scrumptious has tagged me to show my Favourite photo!

Like Louise i have actually chose 2 because i cant decide which i love most (but they are both from the same shoot) The story behind these pictures is that when The Whirlwind was about 6months i got suckered into one of those Pixifoto sessions (I think that's what their called) that they had on at my local Boots store. You know! The ones that draw you in with a promise of a free photo session and a beautiful 10x12'' professional photo for £4.99. But then you sign up and the photographer i some 12yr old schoolgirl, on work experience. The £4.99 pic is only a head shot and the worst of all the pics that were taken. So you have to spend £150 to get copies of the others, as you cant bare the thought of anyone deleting a picture of your precious first born! Even though you don't really like ANY of the Pictures, because the lighting is all wrong and your beautiful olive skinned baby looks as red as a tomato!
Anyhoo as soon as i got home from that lovely experience i decided i could do much better!
And i did!

How BEAUTIFUL is my little Whirlwind? C'mon tell me, i don't mind hearing you say!
She IS, isn't she!....... Really though!.... She is! Just look at that FACE!

And those chubby arms. And those fatty fingers. And don't get me started on the button nose....SERIOUSLY i could gush ALL DAY! I
Sometimes i really cannot believe how lucky i am that she is mine!

These pictures were taken on my mobile phone! And thanks to my Kodak home printer, they have pride of place on my bedroom windowsill. Whilst the crappy Pixifotos ones are still in the box stuffed under my bed!
But you live, you learn!

I am now going to tag The Pickled Weasel to share her Favourite photo too. She has a lovely little blog and her Munchkin looks just as cheeky as mine1

Today's goodie is this pair of polka dot hair ties. I confess i didn't actually make these (I never can get the fabric that neat on the button!) They were bought at a craft fair in the summer, unfortunately i cant even remember the name of the seller to credit them!
Into the bag they go.

Click here for more details of 'The big,bag giveaway bonanza'


Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Just Typical! ( Giveaway pt5)

As i may have mentioned before, i got a new camera for Christmas (the last one met with a nasty accident courtesy of The Whirlwind!) Its not the digital SLR that i was lusting after, but i knew Santa's budget couldn't stretch that far this year, so i had selected a nice Lumix compact.
Ive had it 2 wks now.
First of all i left the memory card at my mums, so was limited to 6 pics a time before needing to download! (very frustrating!)
Then the day i get the memory card back, the battery goes flat!
When was the last time i charged it?....
At my mums
Where did i leave the f'in charger?.....
At my mums

So the picture for today's goddie is taken with the lopsided camera, that struggles to focus (Funny how that is also an exact description of me after a couple of vino's!) So apologies for the rubbish picture!

Well the majority of you guys all agree that this is an essential in every handbag.....Loving the stylish design on the packet!

Into the bag it goes.

Click here for details of 'The big,bag giveaway bonanza'
x K

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A little ditty! (Giveaway pt 4)

I am seriously aching all over this evening, who would think a half hour workout could ache so bad!

The old man is still off work this week, which means I'm way behind on my sewing schedule as i i cant get to my work space (The kitchen table!) as he is always in his office (The kitchen table!) or planning my day for me and by the evening I'm knackered! Roll on next Tue when he goes back!

I did get chance to wip up this little ditty for the giveaway. It is a card made up of fabric scraps. This is my favourite way to use up scraps, as you really cant go wrong and the results are always pretty.
find the tutorial and loads more inspiration from the wonderful Dana over at MADE

Click here for full details of 'The big, bag giveaway bonanza!'

x K

Monday, 4 January 2010

Time to get in shape! (Giveaway pt3)

So one of my New Year resolutions is to get in shape! prior to having the Whirlwind i was always very slim, even at times skinny! ( i actually once owned a pair of size 0 jeans!) Anyhoo lets just say that I'm twice the woman i used to be! I guess i cant really blame the Whirlwind completely, i mean i really am not as active as i used to be. The most amount of exercise i get is walking to work and back at a brisk pace ( less than 1/2 a mile each way! and only brisk because I'm always late.) I eat 'way' too many take aways and drink FAR tooooo much alcohol! I know running around after a toddler does save me from being a complete sloth, But The time has come for action to be taken.


I joined a gym......Yes, that's right i actually did it!
Today was my induction day. This is how i looked....

Ok! Ok! i admit this is how 'I WISH' i looked, and how I WILL look by the end of the year!!!!!!
So to spur me on here is a picture to shame me into shape! This is not good!
Trust me by the end of the year chins 2 & 3 will be long gone! and i will no longer be considering Waynetta Slob as my style icon! (why didn't anyone tell me i had a big stain on the front of my vest!)

So as i am going all out in the fitness and slimming department it doesn't help to have x2 multi packs of bueno in the house. Now I'm not saying that I'm giving up chocolate completely....why that would just be ridiculous! !!! But i am prepared to give one up for the giveaway...and i promise that all other chocolate in the house will be gone by the end of the week( if not sooner!) and i will only eat it from now on, on days ending in 'y'

into the bag it goes....enjoy!

To enter the giveaway you can find the details here!


Sunday, 3 January 2010

Dont forget your keys!.....Giveaway pt2

Wow! I really cant believe the response i have had so far for my little giveaway! I am really enjoying reading about your essential 3 items you all keep in your handbags!

This is my current handbag! Its a fake leather one from Primani! but i love it!....

Isnt there a saying ''A tidy home is a tidy mind!''.......

What do you think the contents of my handbag might say about the state of my mind!Having a spare pair of the Whirlwinds gloves is OK, but i don't know why there is a pair of socks in there!
You will notice my mobile is missing, this is due to the fact that i gave it to The Whirlwind to
watch Peppa Pig on YouTube, so she would stay out of the way of my photos. Don't you just LOVE the way mobile phones have advanced! ( daddy has the football on so couldn't use the TV!)

Any way the first little goodie to add to our big giveaway bonanza is an essential to every handbag.......A keyring for your keys,
I am ALWAYS leaving my keys behind when i go out especially if i change handbags! (just read through this old post to see how much of a clux i really am!) But as you can see from the contents of my handbag my keyring is pretty unnoticeable.
Well this Cath Kidston fabric wonky star ( purposely so, as her stars are always wonky!) will definitely stand out
ensuring that you never forget your keys!
Any NEW ENTRIES to the giveaway please click back to the original post ''The big, bag giveaway bonanza'' and leave your comments there, otherwise i will start to get confused!
x K

Saturday, 2 January 2010



First of all, apologies for not launching this giveaway yesterday as planned, but our New Years eve (after several bottles of Cava!!!!) turned into an impromptu karaoke session at 1in the morning till 3am, and yesterday the Whirlwind decided she was going to play diva all day, so a hungover mommy didn't get anything done!

Anyhooo, Welcome to my first sugarmouse giveaway!
One lucky reader is GOING TO WIN this gorgeous reversible weekend tote...Hand made by me in a beautiful plush purple baby cord, with what I'm calling a 'raggedy scrap' removable brooch ,
And a gorgeous green/purple/blue/pink stripe cotton on the reverse..... 2 bags in one!
The photos really do not do justice to how gorgeous the colours of these fabrics are. The bag measures approx W30cm x L28cm with a 30cm straps that fit perfectly on the shoulders....
AND it gets better......The giveaway is going to run for the next 7 days and i shall be adding a goodie into the bag each day until then! so make sure you check back each day to see what has been added.

The giveaway is open to everyone and there are a few ways to be in with a chance of winning, you can do one or all of them! The more ways you enter the more chances you have of winning!

1. leave a comment telling what 3 things you always keep in your handbag ( mobiles and purses are a given!) mine are a pair of tweezers, a mirror, and a clementine. the first two because i have eyebrows like Noel Gallagher! and i am an obsessive plucker! and the third because the Whirlwind LOVES clementines and they keep her quiet whilst I'm plucking my eyebrows at the bus stop!

2. Become a follower!

3. Mention my give away on your blog and make a link from yours to mine.

4. Mention my giveaway on twitter/ Facebook. .

Entries for 1 and 2 are pretty straightforward, but if you do 3 or 4 just leave another comment stating so. and don't forget to leave details of either e-mail or your blogs so i can contact you if you win!
Closing date for entries is midnight UK time, Saturday 9th January. And draw will take place Sunday 10th.
I hope that's all clear for everyone, and i look forward to hearing from you all.

I am really excited to be hosting my first giveaway and i hope you all will enjoy it too...Check back tomorrow to see what will be the first little goodie to add to the bag???

x K