Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Just Typical! ( Giveaway pt5)

As i may have mentioned before, i got a new camera for Christmas (the last one met with a nasty accident courtesy of The Whirlwind!) Its not the digital SLR that i was lusting after, but i knew Santa's budget couldn't stretch that far this year, so i had selected a nice Lumix compact.
Ive had it 2 wks now.
First of all i left the memory card at my mums, so was limited to 6 pics a time before needing to download! (very frustrating!)
Then the day i get the memory card back, the battery goes flat!
When was the last time i charged it?....
At my mums
Where did i leave the f'in charger?.....
At my mums

So the picture for today's goddie is taken with the lopsided camera, that struggles to focus (Funny how that is also an exact description of me after a couple of vino's!) So apologies for the rubbish picture!

Well the majority of you guys all agree that this is an essential in every handbag.....Loving the stylish design on the packet!

Into the bag it goes.

Click here for details of 'The big,bag giveaway bonanza'
x K


Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Love the Klenex pac, great find.
Luv Sophie xxx

Christals Creations said...

Thats fab. Soz about camera. I had a new one too a Kodak. Again not the SLR lol I was told it was looked at the price tag spotted and an alternative swiftly chosen. LOL!