Friday, 26 February 2010

Bubble Butt!

I got my resident I.T project manager to tinkle with my laptop last night and it seems that it was a good idea to agree to bare his offspring after all! Photos are still slow to load , but they always were and as this little computer is an Acer and thus the software is shit ,i cant load picas as was recommended to me by the lovely mad about bags. So as much as i would love to show off all my makes over the last couple of weeks, i just don't have the patients to load the zillion photos. Lets just say i was a busy bee and most of it was phone cases , zip purses and valentine related. I actually sewed up something for my Mr Man, so maybe i will show that off at some point!
One thing i am going to show off thou is that i did manage to concoct my own little bubble skirt design. The first attempt was a bit fudged. I used a jersey lining and a soft grey knit outer. I didn't really think through how to do the waist band and ended up adding on an extra bit of fabric for the casting, which was really messy to stitch on and added too much length to an already too long skirt for the whirlwind! Lucky though it does mean that i have the room to correct it at some point! I also made some matching leggings in the blue jersey to go with this.

My second attempt was much more of a success. I used 2 light weight poly cottons for this and added a bit more puff in the skirt. This time i folded the lining over the top of the outer fabric to make a casting for the elastic waist. Cute don't you think!

Time for some modeling.....I bribed her to stand in the corner with the promise of chocolate buttons! She lasted there a good 3min's or so, but still wouldn't actually stand still, so the pics are a bit blurred!

I don't know why shes trying to look all demure.......I know better!

......Starting to get bored now!

So now on the topic of skirts, i have joined a group (....No not AA!) I am now a member of 'The Cool Girl's club' . Our pack master is the lovely Amanda from KitchyCoo. Our Bible is this wonderful new book called 'Design it yourself Clothes'. The plan is to work our way through the book and come out at the other end as Stella McCartney! Our first project is a skirt and the assignment is due in on the 20th of March. We have a 'show and tell' flicker group where we can all Pat ourselves smugly on the back at our fantastic creations!! And of course you can come along and tell us how great we are too!
I'm quiet excited about this as i have never made any clothes for big girls before other than the easy peasy elastic waist summer skirts!
click on the pic below to link to Amanda's blog for full details and to join in......c'mon you know you want to. (Also her blog is ACE so go visit her anyway, and you too will have a big girly crush on her within about 2 minutes!)

x K

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

simply frustrating!!!!

I have been having serious problems with blogger this past week!
I can't seem to load more than one picture at a time and its taking bloody ages, and then it wont save anything automatically like it normally does, so i have lost 3 attempted posts now. This evenings was a really long one as well to make up for loosing the others, but now that's gone because my battery went and yet again it didn't save.
So I'm giving up now and going to eat a custard slice!
x K

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Something Truely beautiful!

My overlocker and I are finally at one! Just look how beautiful these seams are!
I have pretty much bought all of the patterns from HeidiandFinn children's wear now! Seriously if you haven't tryed them before, they are super easy to follow, and all reversible!

This one here is actually the wrap dress but i shortened it to a top for the Whirlwind. I bravely decided to use my overlocker (we have had MAJOR issues in the past!) because i didn't want to line this, as the fabric i used is quiet a warm knit, It looks like fleece in these pics, but it actually looks and feels more like Cashmere. Its soooo silky soft i love it.

During this construction i discovered the 'Flatlocked hem'....... OMG! Why have i not discovered this before, so easy and gives such a professional look if i do say so myself! I will be using it for EVERYTHING from now on.....Just look how neat and tidy the inside is...LOOK!......

It may not be the prettiest or most exciting wrap top to look at, but i love this sooooo much because making it has made me realise how BLOODY BRILLIANT i am at sewing now! Seriously! It was my 'Eurica' moment. I think i could make anything now...ANYTHING i tell you! (Well....anything little people size that is!)

By far my favourite H&F pattern so far is this pleat pocket pinafore.
I used the last of the gorgeous purple babycord and cotton stripe for this one. i did originally buy this fabric combination with a shift /ruffle dress in mind but i managed to get 3 bags and this top out of 1.5 mtrs so not bad!

The whirlwind is going to have a closet full of these for the summer ( with matching knickerbockers i think!)

It looks so smart from the front.....

And just totally adorable from the back

And did i mention that it is reversible!

I have a couple more clothes making projects from my H&F raid planned over the next week. A lovely little pleat dress and a spring coat. The only pattern i haven't bought that i really want to get into is the bubble skirt. I love them and they are everywhere right now. But on my 'I can sew anything' vibe this week i have decided to 'figure it out myself' ....Seriously! How hard can it be!

x K