Wednesday, 24 February 2010

simply frustrating!!!!

I have been having serious problems with blogger this past week!
I can't seem to load more than one picture at a time and its taking bloody ages, and then it wont save anything automatically like it normally does, so i have lost 3 attempted posts now. This evenings was a really long one as well to make up for loosing the others, but now that's gone because my battery went and yet again it didn't save.
So I'm giving up now and going to eat a custard slice!
x K


mad about bags said...

oh kim don't you just hate it when that happens i lost a post recently and i was so cross i did read somewhere you should write your post in words/works etc and then copy and paste it that way if it disappears to can just add it again,(i still don't) as for the photos i use picasa which usually works (apart from the one time i lost my post!!)no honestly its great!!!

made with love said...

Oooooo, I can just feel your frustration. It is sooooo annoying when that happens isn't it?
You did make me smile though so thankyou for that.
Hope you get it sorted and that you enjoyed your custard slice.
Rachael XX