Thursday, 27 August 2009

Lets NOT count the greys!!!

It is my Birthday in just under 2 wks!!!!.....I shall be 21 again ( OK!..... + 11 yrs!)

I have compiled myself a 'wish list' of Birthday treats from folksy and misi......

Hot stuff coin purse by Me plus Molly £25 Every thing in this shop is beautiful!!

Mother and child by Amour & Stitch £39 .Didn't everyone have a Klimt poster on their wall when they were a student!

Purse by My latest obsession £12, If only this statement were true!....Id be married to Keanu Reeves right now!

Hair slide by Cooper crafts £6. A little something to distract the eye from the fact i have not had a haircut since.....urrrmm January!!!!!!!

Wine bottle slip by Cotton Potter £40......This one was my ultimate fav...but it has already been sold :-(......but this one will do instead........

.......or in fact ANYTHING in her shop as i want ALL OF THEM!

Right off to link this post to lover boy in the vain hope he will get the NOT SO SUBTLE HINTS!!!!!
x K

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Poor Nanny!

Rubys Nanny has not been well for a couple of days....she has an infection which has caused her face to swell up! So yesterday we bought her some flowers and I a made a vase slip (there is a pint glass in there as a vase!) to cheer her up. Unfortunately i didn't take a pic with the flowers in, but they were a bouquet of red roses with little blue thistle like flowers!....I really have no idea what they were called, but they were very pretty!


Monday, 24 August 2009

10 Reasons not to take a toddler to a wedding!!

1. She will think it is great fun to run up and down the isle saying ''ello'' to EVERYBODY including the nervously waiting Groom.

2. Once locked in the seat booth...made toddler proof by wedging your ONLY pair of grown up shoes in the gate!...She will stand on the seat, pull faces and try to grab the order of service booklet out of the hands of the people in the row behind you!

3. When the Bride glides down the isle to the wedding march, your toddler will reach out to try and grab the bouquet/ Vail/ bridesmaids, and the clap and cheer excited when the music stops....and all else is silent.!

4 .Your toddler will continue her loud appreciation of of music and singing at the end of every hymn.....well the first 2....before you decide it is best to vacate the premises before she goes ''uh oh!'' during the vowels....which you know is more than inevitable!

5. You will then spend the next 30 mins chasing your toddler round the graveyard, trying to forget the fact that you are in Pluckley village!....The most haunted village in Kent.!!!!! If not England!!!!!!And your in THE GRAVEYARD!!!!!!!!

6. All you wedding pictures will be crap......backs of heads! because your 'beloved partner' is unable to join you till the evening reception and you have no one else to chase your toddled round graveyard whilst you try to line up your Bloomsberg shots!
7. Your toddler will decide she can take better shots than you, and she is a full 5 steps away before you notice she has stolen one of the official photographers cameras!........You put it back quickly hoping no one noticed!

8. EVERYBODY at the reception will know your toddlers name, and have a beautiful picture of her on their cameras ,as she enchants them all with her ringlets and cheeky smile, as she says cheese on Que into the cameras.......EVERYONE except you, who will only get bored, eyebrow raised glares or, get out of my face expressions!

9. Someone starts calling her 'reckless Ruby' and it sticks! You try not to feel a bit peeved.....My daughter is not reckless she is mearly VERY confident and loves to explore!......She is 'MY' Whirl Wind!

10. Your toddler will sleep for approximately 45 mins, thankfully during the speeches, which were bloody hilarious! But will wake very hungry...(..even after eating her own body weight in canapes!) and in a foul mood, that she has finally been restrained in the pushchair!.....well at least till mummy finishes her dinner, then its off to accompany the brass band on the piano! and tear up the dance floor with the bridesmaids!

All in all it was a lovely day ......The Whirl Wind totally enjoyed herself (Finally zonked out for good at about 8 o'clock!) And i also had a great time.......( although next time i will rethink the outfit choice, as the length of my dress was not really designed with 'toddler bending overness' in mind!).....Especially when Daddy finally turned up and i got to make good with the champers!
The bride was STUNNING....I'm sorry i didn't get any decent pics but i really did just give up on that front! The weather was perfect and it was great to see some old school friends i haven't seen in years.

We have another wedding in a couple of weeks......I am quiet pleased that this one will be a kiddie free event!!!!
x K

Monday, 17 August 2009

Meet Chip!

Who lives in a house like this????

One of The Whirlwinds little friends is two on Tue. The inspiration for this prezzie came from this fantastic creation by mollychicken. Mine is a bit on the wonky side, but I do think he is rather cute and Chip squeaks if you squeeze his tummy!


Saturday, 15 August 2009

Apples & Pears!

I bought this gorgeous Japanese fabric on ebay last week , I wanted to make a dress for The Whirlwind to wear to my friends wedding next week! ................

A couple of weeks ago i saw this dress made by sew scrumptious, and pattern by Whole Grain Baby, so then of course i had to have one like that for The Whirlwind, so i bought the pdf pattern in the etsy shop, and this week i finally got round to having a play. The pattern was very easy and simple to follow, and would only have taken a couple of hours to complete........ however it did take me about 4 days to decide what colour yoke i, green, blue, yellow, orange1????? I actually made one in each colour and pinned the dress to each and still couldn't decide! In the end i went for the pink, but I'm still thinking maybe i should have done, yellow!...or green!

I really wanted a pink with white polka dots for the yoke, to match the pink strawberry's on the dress fabric.....but you can never find anything when you bloody want it can you! So i cut out a few flowers from the remnants and stitched them onto the plain pink,. The idea was to link the fabric's together and break up some of the pink! I used a zip zag stitch and its a bit messy if you look too close! and don't really think it was necessary in the end! but its OK!

The button!......I stitched the elastic too loose, so the button serves no purpose at all! Nice decorative feature though!

All in all i do LOVE IT.......Its not perfect but only if you look really closely!

Of course to get the full impact of how fab this dress is, you need to see it being modeled by the little madame!..........But she's not called The Whirlwind for nothing!!!! their not the best shots!

Im not sure she will be wearing it at the wedding yet!........It depends on the weather, as we have no cardies that will match! and also no shoes! ( I don't think white flashing trainers or gold sandals will really work!) ...Still! ... There is a week to go!....Maybe i will make one in more light pastel colours!
x K

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Picnic in Hyde park!

Have you ever spent the day grazing on snack food, drinking fizzy wines, watching the roller bladers and the people on the pedalo's...( I personally don't do floating vessels smaller that a ferry!) playing bat and ball.......realising its easier when you play it on holiday in the sea, where diving for the ball is less painful!!! Chatting with old friends you haven't seen in aaaaages! Getting excited that one of them will be getting hitched in 2wks time!........You haven't!.....Well then i thoroughly recommend it!

The beautiful bride to be......With straight hair!!!!!! I'm still freaked out!.....And rather envious that my hair NEVER goes that straight! .......and cant believe she got away with not having to wear any silly bride to be paraphernalia covered with willies!!!!!

x K

Thursday, 6 August 2009

No strings attatched!

So as promised. Here is the bag i made for The Whirl ind to take to nursery. i WAS quiet pleased with it until i went to collect her yesterday......the day after making it and first day of using in! .....Only to be told by the 'stooopid' nursery nurse, who has been handed Roos old tatty rucksac (an old linen one of mine purchased from Gap over 10yrs ago and never seen the inside of a washing machine! EXACTLY THE SAME DESIGN AS THIS ONE!!!!!but they all said was lovely!!!!!) twice a week for the past month!!!! That the under 2s AREN'T to have DRAW STRING BAGS as they pose a hazard as the coat hooks are within reach in their classroom and they might wrap them round their necks!!! As soon as she told me i knew exactly who's neck I'D like to wrap it round!!!!!
.........Back to the drawing board this weekend!........Isn't it just lovely though!.....Perhaps i can add handles and turn it into a tote!

Bella is I'm afraid, still awaiting rescue from The Whirlwinds toy box.....i shall be mounting a rescue mission on Sunday!

x K

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

An awfully long time!

It has been a while now hasn't it! No real excuses! Had a bit of a creators block i guess you could say. You know when you have a million and one ideas but don't know where to start just.... don't!.....or is that just me?

Anyhoo, My mojo came back at the weekend and i managed to tick a couple of projects off my (very long) List.

Introducing.......GINGER .....(aka Ginge!!)

Ginger is a leggy red head who enjoys the finer things in life!, She has a per'chant for red wine and Turkish delights!

A bit of an international jet setter, she can often be found soaking up the sun on the south of France, strolling through vineyards or cruising along the Med. She never leaves the house without a large pair of sunglasses and factor 50 ( one must take care of a redheads completion!)

Ginge is ever the singleton.....Her heart was stolen many years ago by a Mediterranean prince, and no other has ever matched up to that romance.....though many a brave man has tried!
I really enjoyed making Ginge, she was really easy as i just used scraps i had laying around. The hardest bit was the hair, I thought the idea of stitching the wool onto the head was a bit messy! so each strand is sewn in and knotted at the top, which wasn't actually difficult at all really..... just time consuming!
When done she really reminded me of my good friend Amie, who I'm sure will get a get a tickle out of her, especially when she sees The Whirl wind swinging her round by one leg like a lasso!

Once i finished Ginge, I felt the need to do another, I thought Ginge needed some girlfriends to share the 6 o'clock giggles with.......(the 9-5ers will appreciate that it is at this point the after work fizz would have well and truly started flowing!!)

So using The Whirl winds fave dolly ( a mamas&papas creation i think?) as inspiration........

.......I came up with Bella.....She is still a work in progress as the whirlwind snatched off my work /dining table and i have so far only been able to rescue her long enough to take this pic! I think it is the squeaker i put in Bellas head that has Roo hooked!

Anyway she still needs some hair , some shoes and a face! I am going to leave the hat so that it comes off as Roo has an obsession with putting hats on at the moment! (except when i actually want her to wear one that is!)

Let me leave you with some bunting! It is hung in Roo's room in an attempt to decorate the very sparse walls!!!! The decorating of the whirlwinds room is an ongoing project a year after moving in!!!

Be back tomorrow hopefully with a finished Bella and a funky new school bag for The Whirlwind .