Saturday, 15 August 2009

Apples & Pears!

I bought this gorgeous Japanese fabric on ebay last week , I wanted to make a dress for The Whirlwind to wear to my friends wedding next week! ................

A couple of weeks ago i saw this dress made by sew scrumptious, and pattern by Whole Grain Baby, so then of course i had to have one like that for The Whirlwind, so i bought the pdf pattern in the etsy shop, and this week i finally got round to having a play. The pattern was very easy and simple to follow, and would only have taken a couple of hours to complete........ however it did take me about 4 days to decide what colour yoke i, green, blue, yellow, orange1????? I actually made one in each colour and pinned the dress to each and still couldn't decide! In the end i went for the pink, but I'm still thinking maybe i should have done, yellow!...or green!

I really wanted a pink with white polka dots for the yoke, to match the pink strawberry's on the dress fabric.....but you can never find anything when you bloody want it can you! So i cut out a few flowers from the remnants and stitched them onto the plain pink,. The idea was to link the fabric's together and break up some of the pink! I used a zip zag stitch and its a bit messy if you look too close! and don't really think it was necessary in the end! but its OK!

The button!......I stitched the elastic too loose, so the button serves no purpose at all! Nice decorative feature though!

All in all i do LOVE IT.......Its not perfect but only if you look really closely!

Of course to get the full impact of how fab this dress is, you need to see it being modeled by the little madame!..........But she's not called The Whirlwind for nothing!!!! their not the best shots!

Im not sure she will be wearing it at the wedding yet!........It depends on the weather, as we have no cardies that will match! and also no shoes! ( I don't think white flashing trainers or gold sandals will really work!) ...Still! ... There is a week to go!....Maybe i will make one in more light pastel colours!
x K


Sew Scrumptious said...

Oh my god its gorgeous!! I love the flowers on the yoke. I think that works really well. I am so going to steal that idea. Its really really lovely and your daughter has to wear it to the wedding. I bet you'll get lots of remarks if she does and then you can bask in the glory of having made it yourself!! Hope you sent a photo to Whole Grain Baby too as she will prob put it on her blog. I might make another one now - feeling inspired again (your daughter is gorgeous too!) x

Sew Scrumptious said...

I've just put a photo of your dress with a link on my blog. Hope thats ok?