Thursday, 6 August 2009

No strings attatched!

So as promised. Here is the bag i made for The Whirl ind to take to nursery. i WAS quiet pleased with it until i went to collect her yesterday......the day after making it and first day of using in! .....Only to be told by the 'stooopid' nursery nurse, who has been handed Roos old tatty rucksac (an old linen one of mine purchased from Gap over 10yrs ago and never seen the inside of a washing machine! EXACTLY THE SAME DESIGN AS THIS ONE!!!!!but they all said was lovely!!!!!) twice a week for the past month!!!! That the under 2s AREN'T to have DRAW STRING BAGS as they pose a hazard as the coat hooks are within reach in their classroom and they might wrap them round their necks!!! As soon as she told me i knew exactly who's neck I'D like to wrap it round!!!!!
.........Back to the drawing board this weekend!........Isn't it just lovely though!.....Perhaps i can add handles and turn it into a tote!

Bella is I'm afraid, still awaiting rescue from The Whirlwinds toy box.....i shall be mounting a rescue mission on Sunday!

x K


haptree said...

it's lovely, just stash it away to be produced as a 2nd b-day present, or looks like it would make a lovely pj's bag, hung high out of reach of course! Where did you find the material?

Kym said...

Thanks Haptree....Pj bag!...good idea! I really love this fabric, it was a 1/2 mtr remnent i got from an interior design shop for £2, Am gonna use the rest to make storage bags for my little girls ever expanding collection of toys.

Bliss Knits said...

Oh no, that's such a shame. It's a lovely bag. Gorgeous fabric.

Sew Scrumptious said...

Lovely bag. Gorgeous fabric. Am so excited you are going to make the mod dress. Cant wait to see your version. Good luck. Will keep checking for pictures!!

mad about bags said...

the bag's gorgeous
you could add a short handle loop to the top or side and then use elastic around the top (not too tight just to keep it gathered but easy to get things in and out of
and as the the health and saftey police - have they gone mad!!!