Thursday, 27 August 2009

Lets NOT count the greys!!!

It is my Birthday in just under 2 wks!!!!.....I shall be 21 again ( OK!..... + 11 yrs!)

I have compiled myself a 'wish list' of Birthday treats from folksy and misi......

Hot stuff coin purse by Me plus Molly £25 Every thing in this shop is beautiful!!

Mother and child by Amour & Stitch £39 .Didn't everyone have a Klimt poster on their wall when they were a student!

Purse by My latest obsession £12, If only this statement were true!....Id be married to Keanu Reeves right now!

Hair slide by Cooper crafts £6. A little something to distract the eye from the fact i have not had a haircut since.....urrrmm January!!!!!!!

Wine bottle slip by Cotton Potter £40......This one was my ultimate fav...but it has already been sold :-(......but this one will do instead........

.......or in fact ANYTHING in her shop as i want ALL OF THEM!

Right off to link this post to lover boy in the vain hope he will get the NOT SO SUBTLE HINTS!!!!!
x K


Sew Scrumptious said...

Such lovely things. I love 'me plus molly' shop. There is a totally gorgeous seedhead bag on there. Thats it i'm off to make a wish list for my xmas presents. Great blog idea too (might have to steal it!) Hope you get what you want for your birthday.

Good luck with your xmas fair too. I've got 2 coming up and I always get really scared. I need to make lots more things. Its just finding the time!

jolicious said...

Lovely choices! I love the purses!