Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Picnic in Hyde park!

Have you ever spent the day grazing on snack food, drinking fizzy wines, watching the roller bladers and the people on the pedalo's...( I personally don't do floating vessels smaller that a ferry!) playing bat and ball.......realising its easier when you play it on holiday in the sea, where diving for the ball is less painful!!! Chatting with old friends you haven't seen in aaaaages! Getting excited that one of them will be getting hitched in 2wks time!........You haven't!.....Well then i thoroughly recommend it!

The beautiful bride to be......With straight hair!!!!!! I'm still freaked out!.....And rather envious that my hair NEVER goes that straight! .......and cant believe she got away with not having to wear any silly bride to be paraphernalia covered with willies!!!!!

x K

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clare's craftroom said...

Looks like a lovely day , glad you had fun .