Wednesday, 5 August 2009

An awfully long time!

It has been a while now hasn't it! No real excuses! Had a bit of a creators block i guess you could say. You know when you have a million and one ideas but don't know where to start just.... don't!.....or is that just me?

Anyhoo, My mojo came back at the weekend and i managed to tick a couple of projects off my (very long) List.

Introducing.......GINGER .....(aka Ginge!!)

Ginger is a leggy red head who enjoys the finer things in life!, She has a per'chant for red wine and Turkish delights!

A bit of an international jet setter, she can often be found soaking up the sun on the south of France, strolling through vineyards or cruising along the Med. She never leaves the house without a large pair of sunglasses and factor 50 ( one must take care of a redheads completion!)

Ginge is ever the singleton.....Her heart was stolen many years ago by a Mediterranean prince, and no other has ever matched up to that romance.....though many a brave man has tried!
I really enjoyed making Ginge, she was really easy as i just used scraps i had laying around. The hardest bit was the hair, I thought the idea of stitching the wool onto the head was a bit messy! so each strand is sewn in and knotted at the top, which wasn't actually difficult at all really..... just time consuming!
When done she really reminded me of my good friend Amie, who I'm sure will get a get a tickle out of her, especially when she sees The Whirl wind swinging her round by one leg like a lasso!

Once i finished Ginge, I felt the need to do another, I thought Ginge needed some girlfriends to share the 6 o'clock giggles with.......(the 9-5ers will appreciate that it is at this point the after work fizz would have well and truly started flowing!!)

So using The Whirl winds fave dolly ( a mamas&papas creation i think?) as inspiration........

.......I came up with Bella.....She is still a work in progress as the whirlwind snatched off my work /dining table and i have so far only been able to rescue her long enough to take this pic! I think it is the squeaker i put in Bellas head that has Roo hooked!

Anyway she still needs some hair , some shoes and a face! I am going to leave the hat so that it comes off as Roo has an obsession with putting hats on at the moment! (except when i actually want her to wear one that is!)

Let me leave you with some bunting! It is hung in Roo's room in an attempt to decorate the very sparse walls!!!! The decorating of the whirlwinds room is an ongoing project a year after moving in!!!

Be back tomorrow hopefully with a finished Bella and a funky new school bag for The Whirlwind .


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