Thursday, 16 July 2009

Secret treasuer trove!

How excited am i!?.......VERY!

Yesterday on my way to pick the Whirl-wind up after work, I decided to try my luck at what looked to be a short-cut down a side street! I still don't know this town very well and I have lived here a year now, but it looked like I was going in the general direction! Well to my delight I found myself walking past an interior designers shop, with a lovely table display of fabric in the window, and a sign that read....Wait for it.!.......'Remnants £3 a meter'. Oh how I swooned! Luckily it was still opened so in I popped. The lady who greeted me was lovely, she explained that she had only put the table up that morning as she had found her remnant box was starting to explode. All the fabrics, were designer quality with regular retail price £25. Seriously, I was like a kid on a candy store, I felt the need to touch everything ( Why do we do that?) There were linens, duck cotton, muslin, taffeta, silk, canvas.....oh the joy!

As they were remnants they were not all solid pieces, some were l-shaped, some cone, etc but I managed to come away with this little lot for a mere £7........Oh the joy!

My favourite has definitely got to be this 1/2 mtr called 'Saga', by a Swedish designer called Sandberg. Don't you just love all those fairy tail castles!.....This will become storage bags for the whirl-winds toys.

And then this 1/2 cone scrap of retro kitch ( 1/2 mtr at wides point, but only 30cm at narrowest, but about 1.5 mtrs in length so still a fair bit!) This one is called 'play time picnic' by Tilley & Marr. ( please excuse the dodgy hand shadow taking the pic!) Not sure what i will do with this yet but i HAD TO HAVE IT!

And finally 2 cotton pieces, one with embroidered multi coloured dots, and one blue with yellow embroidered squares with flowers at the joins ( make sense?) I think these are bags waiting to happen!

........Oh The joy!
Apologies again for dodgy, shadowy pic's ,but photographed them late last night in a very excited ''cant wait to share my good stash'' kinda way!
x K


Helen @ The Beading Lady said...

Oooh, those are stunning.
Looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

mopppy said...

oooh you lucky moo, lovely fabrics

saraeden said...

Love those fabrics x

Sara x