Thursday, 7 January 2010

My Favourite Photo! (Giveaway pt6)

The lovely Louise from Sew Scrumptious has tagged me to show my Favourite photo!

Like Louise i have actually chose 2 because i cant decide which i love most (but they are both from the same shoot) The story behind these pictures is that when The Whirlwind was about 6months i got suckered into one of those Pixifoto sessions (I think that's what their called) that they had on at my local Boots store. You know! The ones that draw you in with a promise of a free photo session and a beautiful 10x12'' professional photo for £4.99. But then you sign up and the photographer i some 12yr old schoolgirl, on work experience. The £4.99 pic is only a head shot and the worst of all the pics that were taken. So you have to spend £150 to get copies of the others, as you cant bare the thought of anyone deleting a picture of your precious first born! Even though you don't really like ANY of the Pictures, because the lighting is all wrong and your beautiful olive skinned baby looks as red as a tomato!
Anyhoo as soon as i got home from that lovely experience i decided i could do much better!
And i did!

How BEAUTIFUL is my little Whirlwind? C'mon tell me, i don't mind hearing you say!
She IS, isn't she!....... Really though!.... She is! Just look at that FACE!

And those chubby arms. And those fatty fingers. And don't get me started on the button nose....SERIOUSLY i could gush ALL DAY! I
Sometimes i really cannot believe how lucky i am that she is mine!

These pictures were taken on my mobile phone! And thanks to my Kodak home printer, they have pride of place on my bedroom windowsill. Whilst the crappy Pixifotos ones are still in the box stuffed under my bed!
But you live, you learn!

I am now going to tag The Pickled Weasel to share her Favourite photo too. She has a lovely little blog and her Munchkin looks just as cheeky as mine1

Today's goodie is this pair of polka dot hair ties. I confess i didn't actually make these (I never can get the fabric that neat on the button!) They were bought at a craft fair in the summer, unfortunately i cant even remember the name of the seller to credit them!
Into the bag they go.

Click here for more details of 'The big,bag giveaway bonanza'



Sew Scrumptious said...

Lovely photos! She is very cute. x

made with love said...

Thankyou for your lovely comments. I am loving those bobbles and your scrappy card. I made some bobbles like that but not with such lovely fabric.
Adorable photos by the way.
Rachael XX