Thursday, 15 September 2011

Back to blogger!

I'm back!

It's been such a long time!
Are you still there?.....
.....I know you have all missed me!

Our time in Malta kind of ran away with me!
We're home now and not going anywhere else anytime soon....Promise!

I have a fancy NEW sewing machine (The last one died in Malta :-(.....One of the reasons I stopped blogging.)

She's a few days old and so far I have made this......

Its a new cover for the Whirlwind's Ikea Poang chair. It originally had a plain calico cover but after 2yrs it was all stained and worn and a bit shrunken from too much tumble drying. It was time for a makeover! My new sewing machine is such a breath of fresh air, I didn't even break any needles sewing through 4 layers of canvas...This is a first for me...I'm VERY happy! All I did was trace over the old cover to create a pattern and then used the old padding inside this one. I am VERY Pleased with how it turned out...Especially as it sits quite dominantly in our front room.

The Whirlwind went back to nursery this week after a whole summer off (Can I have a hallelujah!)

Look how big this baby got!!!

This leaves me with a bit of free time to get on with some serious sewing and also a little Project I am trying to get up and running!....Watch this space.

x K


Sew Scrumptious said...

Hello! Welcome back. Now I have a lovely little project for you to try on that fancy new sewing machine!! Fancy making a pillowcase dress for charity?? More info on my blog if interested. Its great to see you back and your little girl looks gorgeous in her uniform. Louise x

mad about bags said...

Hi Kym it's lovely to see you back in blogland I must have missed your last few postings so have had a little catch up tonight, I can't beleive how big your "baby" got whilst you were away in Malta.
The chair looks fab by the way!!