Monday, 19 September 2011

The Dolls House Project!

About 6/7 years ago Neilyboy bought me a dolls house. It came flat packed and I had dreams of building it and wiring and decorating it and then finding some way to shrink myself so i could move into it!.....
......I got as far as gluing four walls and then it sat in the hallway at my mothers house, collecting dust and being used as a spot for my brother to store his football shoes!

When we got back from Malta I decided  now was the time to resurrect it and eventually give it to Ruby to play with.

My 'Grand Design's' have been scaled down somewhat and the plan now is just to paint it and decorate the inside using carpet, fabric and wallpaper scraps.
I really wanted Ruby to be involved...She is very eger! Her morning mantra is ''Can we paint the house today? Can we paint the house today?'' (x1000).
So far I have let her help me paint the primer coat. It was a very stress full bonding experience watching her slap and flick paint around my kitchen table. Unfortunatly now that she is out of the way back in nursery I don't want her to ruin it! think she will be able to help as much !!!!

Now that the base coat has been done I am quite excited about painting the actual colours. I'm thinking Gray roof, Plumb walls with Pink and Green Detailing around the windows and doors. Unfortunately I'm gonna have to wait a day or so to crack on with it as The Whirlwind is at home sick with a very bad cough. Poor baby!

 x K

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