Monday, 13 September 2010

I may not have a sewing machine, but we can still make........

......Fairy Princess wings
I think 'we all know' who had the most fun doing all this cutting and sticking!......We will be finding bits of peach tissue paper everywhere for weeks! There is also a matching wand but she point blankly refused to hold it up for the camera!

If you haven't seen or heard of the wonderful Elsie Marley then go take a look at her blog. She is hosting another kid's clothes week challenge for Fall/Autumn. She did one in the spring which I missed, but as I will be reunited with my 'ONE TRUE GREAT LOVE'(sewing machine) this Friday I think joining in will be a fun way to get back into the sewing swing of things

So what do i plan on making....

- A new coat for The Whirlwind. I really loved the spring coat I made her but it was always a bit snug and now just wont do. so I shall use the same pattern and I'm thinking purple cord or twill for a new one, as believe it on not it does get a little cold here in the winter months.

-Pants/knickers....We're potty training right now and you can never have too many.


-A beach bag- Can you believe I never took one to Malta, so had to buy a really bright yellow awful thing in a beach emergency.

So that's for starters...What will you be sewing?

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mad about bags said...

hi kim, bet you can't wait to get your hands on your sewing machine can you!!! your withdrawal symtoms must be sounds like its cooler now there in malta and i can't wait to see your new makes!!!!