Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Reunited, and it feels so good......

Well she is finally here, my one true love and I are finally reunited. It was a long drawn out reunion to be honest. For the first couple of days all we could do was look longingly at one another. We were desperate to be left alone, but with only 10 days in England and 101 friends and family needing a visit I had to wait at least 5 of those days before we could have a long embrace, and even then it was limited. For this reason we were unable to participate in Kids clothes week (I was so naive to even think we would!) although we did create a pair of green apple print baby shoes with matching applique onesie for our good friends new baby boy and a matching (in red apples) for his big sis.....obviously I forgot to photograph them, but trust me they were cute.
After that I had to bundle my lover up in bubble wrap and 15kg of my favourite fabrics and supplies, stuff it all into 2 suitcases and up, up and away we went.

So far we have created 11 red super hero capes.....

For Neilyboys works 'Its a knockout' fun day. There are 10 in his team but The Whirlwind demanded I make her one as well, and it stopped her from trying to pull them off the machine once she had her own. This turned out to be a really fun afternoon where we got to meet a lot of Neilyboys colleague's family's.

My new HUGE beach bag......(it has rained every day here since I finished it!!)

I made the pattern up as I went along and I can seriously fit EVERYTHING including the kitchen sink in there!....I LOVE IT!

Another bag for a little girls 8th birthday. I made it late one evening to take to the party the next day, so obviously I forgot to photograph it...Again! (It was denim with cute floral semi circle ruffles) But here are some pics of The Whirlwind at said party wearing the H&F dress I made for her 2hrs before the party started.

She has a matching bow clip in her hair (somewhere!) I absolutely love this fabric. I found it in a little fabric shop by my mums last year. I only bought a meter and made myself a skirt. I desperately wanted some more, but whenever I went back to the shop they never had it in and the little old lady that owns the place couldn't figure out what I was blabbing on about when I tried to describe it to her, anyway when we were home last month I popped in just to buy some buttons and there it was, so I bought 4metres (it was only £4.99 per mtr so why not huh!)I'm planning on using it for the lining of The Whirlwinds new coat (when I get round to it)

We also made some shorts out of a zara tea towel......Neily boy thinks there too short but I think they are really cute!

I have 2 more tea towels in autumnal colours to make some more, it may be raining right now but it is still very humid and shorts with tights is such a cool look when it cools down.

So that's all so far.

On the sewing table this week is a new bag for me, just a medium size tote to use when I need to pick u a few groceries as the supermarkets charge you £1 per bag out here.
Then I think I might start on the winter wardrobe as it looks like the weather has definitely turned now and although all of The Whirlwinds summer dresses will look cute layered up, she will really needs some heavier weight stuff.

Also I have started on a 'secret' project which I might just share a few sneak peeks with you!

Happy stitches for now and checkout this cool giveaway/fundraiser on this super cute blog

x K

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Ruth said...

you are SO talented!! and malta hey, i am totally jealous... hope you can get nutella over there! :)