Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Nanny Dee.....

Is arriving this evening.

We are all very excited. Nanny Dee has only seen the Whirlwind 3 days over the last 7months!.....She is staying for 3weeks.


1) Built in baby sitter! Neily boy and I are going on the razz big time! (can't actually remember the last time we went out on our own for the evening!)

2) Someone else to do the washing up and housework (Yay!)

3) Hours of guilt free sewing for me whilst Nanny entertains the Whirlwind.(BIG YAY!)

4) Long lay-ins whilst Nanny makes Whirlwinds breakfast, gets her changed, takes her out.....I may in fact spend the entire 3 weeks laying in, and put a sign on my bedroom door stating ''do not disturb before 12noon'

5) Jerk Chicken with rice and beans EVERY NIGHT! (at least this is my plan)

But mostly we are looking forward to spending quality time (when I'm not doing any of the above mentioned!) doing lots of sight seeing around the island and enjoying the warm autumn weather.

Neily boy is excited too as apparently Nanny makes a better cup of tea than I do!

x K

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Anonymous said...

Hi kym. Thanks to nanny dee i know that i'm in the right place. Remember me? It's your friend uli from germany. I was just looking around the net to see if I could find you...
I plan to come to england this summer to visit a friend in brighton and I thought it would be lovely to see you too. So if you think that's a good idea, please write to back to me at schreiber.uli@web.de
Big hug uli