Saturday, 11 September 2010

The silent city

Wednesday was a public holiday in Malta. I don't know what for exactly, but more than likely it was to do with a Saint!
We decided to head to the Medieval city of M'dina....
It is situated high on a hill

It has Lots of winding narrow streets

Beautiful houses (The old palaces which are now private residence)

A beautiful Cathedral

Panoramic views of the Island

Lots of history (something to do with Knights)

Beautiful little features everywhere

Is this not the prettiest cash point machine you have ever seen!

It is also known as 'The silent city'...again i don't know why....
But for the 1.5hrs we were there it was renamed 'The incredibly noisy toddler city!!'

Yesterday was my birthday.......I got a different selection of presents than i normally get, i think due to having to post them and all, but all lovely and much appreciated. The highlight are my john Lewis vouchers which i CAN NOT WAIT to blow in the haberdashery department when I'm home next week (exactly a week today).

Happy weekend folk's. We are barbecuing and water parking it this weekend how about you?


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B said...

Gorgeous photos. A belated happy birthday to you little lady! Have a lovely weekend. We are heading to Bristol to drop our eldest off to start her Uni life - gulp!
B x