Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The Month of March.....

Is a busy one for me, both socially and sewingly, and thus consequently.... financially!
So this is the plan....

Date Occasion Make
5th Nephews 6th B'day Appliqued T-shirt
8th Sister-in-laws B'day Ruffle clutch purse
15th Mothers day x2 bag & purse sets
20th Sarah Visit Something suitably boyish!
21st Father-in-law B'day ????
23rd Whirlwinds 2nd B'day Cardboard Kitchen!

I fear that there will be a lot of late night sewing! Add to all this the fact that Neil is going away with work for over a week so muggins here will have to iron all his stuff, and i made a camera case sale on folksy last night so that will all have to be done by the weekend!
There will be a lot of trips down to my mothers in Kent too! The best of which will be a night out with the girls to celebrate the visit home of a good friend, who married a kiwi and emigrated to Oz about 10yrs age. Last time Sarah was home i was only 3 months pregnant with Roo, she had a 5month old Oliver and Carter was only a twinkle in his daddy's eye, so i can'not wait for that catch up!

As for the Cardboard Kitchen ,it is a fantastic creation by forty-two roads. ( yes i REALLY AM going to try and this!!!!)

I just bought the pdf pattern in her Etsy store, Im soooooo excited as i really wanted to buy The Whirlwind a wooden kitchen that costs £150! but this looks like it would be fun to build.......Seriously! how hard can it be?

Best pull my finger out! I don't think i shall be getting any sleep this month!
(not forgetting the Sew along!)

x K


made with love said...

We set ourselves some challenges don't we.
Have fun,
Rachael XX

Kitschy Coo said...

I saw that cardboard kitchen before and was seriously tempted... no doubt mine would do a running leap onto it and smash it to smithereens and I would cry my eyes out though! Can't wait to see how you get on, with all your projects.

little birds fly said...

sounds like a buuuusy month! good luck with all your sewing :) the cardboard kitchen is really can do it!
xo Jennifer