Friday, 19 March 2010

Not what im supposed to be doing!

Its been a good week this week, the weather has been wonderful and we have spent a lot of time in the garden, The Whirlwind even had a playmate over ( very rare as our house is the size of a shoe box but the garden gave us the extra room!) The only downside is that my hayfever has well and truly kicked in! It only seems to irritate me mornings and evenings, which means i have woken every morning feeling like i have the hangover from hell without the thrills of the night before! and early nights as it just tires me out. Needless to say i have not done much sewing this week. I have a half finished gold faux leather bag which is my belated Mday present for my mum...Luckily i wont see her till tomorrow, and its just the strap that needs finishing. I have about 400 cardboard boxes stacked in the corner of my kitchen in preparation for this little project! But i have resigned myself to the fact that it probably wont be done by The Whirlwinds B-day . She will be 2, is she really going to notice! and my sew along skirt still needs amending. So with all these outstanding projects what did i decide to start at 10.30pm last night (couldn't possibly go to bed early on a Thursday before watching Greys and Bones!).......

from this.......

I blame Neil for telling me this shirt had a hole in the sleeve and he was going to throw it away! this
And i blame Dana for posting THIS adorable dress on her MADE blog yesterday which reminded me that i always wanted to do one of these refashions!

Its not perfect, but its cute and wearable...More of a long shirt than a dress.I will definitely be raiding Neils wardrobe for a few more shirts!


Back to my list!

x K


KID, MD said...

What a cutie!! She's adorable. Nice job on the shirt refashion! So fun!

B said...

Awww, very, very cute - and the shirt's lovely too :O)

made with love said...

It may not have been what you were supposed to be doing but I am really pleased you did. Well done your shirt dress, remake looks amazing. Your little girl is so cute.
Have a lovely weekend,
Rachael XX