Monday, 29 March 2010

Red, White and Blue

Firstly , did we have a wonderful time celebrating The Whirlwinds 2ND birthday last week?...Well yes we did! We spent the day at the Zoo, had a picnic and sang happy birthday round a Peppa pig cake in the evening.

Did i finish the kitchen???....NO!!!! but i will! (I have to, i have a zillion cardboard boxes in my kitchen)

I did do lots of sewing though, I will show you over the week, starting today with this dress which wasn't even for The Whirlwind, but for my good friend Sarah's daughter who was born 3 days after Roo, We actually stopped to show Roo off to her and her husband on our way out of the hospital as they were about to go into the delivery suit to have Jess. I cant believe our girls are 2 already,it feels like only yesterday they were born!!! Unfortunately we don't live near each other anymore so Ruby & Jess">the girls don't see each other as much we would like!......... (dont know why this picture is cut off!)

I'm quiet pleased with this dress , perfect for spring/summer and I'm sure Jess will look gorgeous in it, Sarah has promised to send me some modeling pics.

Luv you Bish! xxx


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made with love said...

What a cute dress.
Happy birthday to your little whirlwind.
Glad you had fun. You have to finish the kitchen as I am desperate to see it. lol
Have fun,
Rachael xx