Saturday, 13 March 2010

Meh too!

So i finally stitched together my first muslin. I haven't done any finishings ( eg. zipper, waist and hem) as i want to get the fit right first before i start with all that palava (I'm a bit scared about the zip fastening!)

I have cheated here a bit because originally the skirt was way too big around the waist and hip, but i thought it was because i drew up a 1cm seam allowance but only sewed 1/4''. So i stitched another seam another 1/4'' in from the first seam (it looked like it needed more than the 1cm!) but it is still a bit too big on the waist and my darts are not central either so i think my measurements were just off!

Also i have found it a bit tricky to get each dart the same length, one is slightly longer than the other both front and back, it doesn't really notice but i know they are and its annoying. Any tips for even darts?

I shall go back to the drawing board for the pattern, i think i can probably save this skirt by fiddling a bit, but i want to get the pattern right so i wont have to mess around in the future. Which is kinda the point of learning to draw my own patterns right!
All in all so far i like the length and the cut has been really flattering on the other ladies who have shown off their muslin's in the flicker group.
I'm quiet enjoying this whole process, it really makes you think and look at all the fine detail. With kids clothes you can get away with errors from 'winging it' but not so with grown up clobber!

This is what i wore at work today, i thought i would share with you because if you look back through by blog, every other picture of me on here has me looking like a this is just to show i can look cute!
x K

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Kitschy Coo said...

It's funny that you had the same fit problems as me! For my second version I shaved off the waist 1/4" on the SA side of both front and back (leaving hips the same) so it took it in 1" in total. Much happier with the second one!

As far as darts, I've been having this problem too and I think I've mastered it by putting a pin in right where the dart is to end so I know not to sew any further.

Oh, and that is a very cute outfit!