Saturday, 10 April 2010

The Girls!

I have a group of friends....The Girls!.... There are 9 of us, Some i have known for 12yrs, some for 25yrs. Some live 2min's down the road, some 2hrs, and 1, Dutt's.....well she went and moved all the way down under.

Its not very fact its so rare that i cant even remember the last time, we were all in the same room together? Was it in 2007?, last time Dutts was home? Before that who knows! Hen-do's, weddings, and baby showers tend to be the only dates that most of us are able to coordinate time together.

Dutt's came home from Oz for 5wks, and can you believe that sadly we still were not able to all get together in that time. We organised 2 dinners, one I was the only one absent for and the other Ali was the only one absent, so very nearly a full set!

Ginge & Me

Nina & Kate

Sarah & Sarah aka Dutt's & Bish

Sam & Kerry

I love these girls, all of them! Some i speak to everyday, some once maybe twice a year when we get together. They know all about me, all my dreams, all my drunken 'Oh My God did i really do that?' stories...most of them were there to spur me on at the time, downing the shots with me at the bar, reminding me exactly what the random bloke i gave my phone number to looked like! Its thanks to them that i have ended up 'married' to one (Neilyboy xx), although they did nickname him Boris as none of us could actually remember his name at the time!

They have laughed with me, at me. Seen me cry, and cried for me. Hugged me when i didn't want it, Held me when i needed it.

I have loved growing up with these girls, watching them fall in love, get married, get pregnant, have babies......Not always in that order, and not all of them have done all of those things yet! Some don't want to, some are desperate to, and some just need to cut their ties and move on!....(you know who you are!) and i look forward to seeing how it all turns out, for all of us.
We are all so different in so many ways and all lead very different lives, yet we always slot right into stride with one another when were together.

Dutt's and her family flew back home on wed, and over the Easter weekend before they left, her parents invited us all over for a party. 5 of us are mummies now and so far we have 9 children between us.

There was an Easter egg hunt for the kiddie winks.

New friends- Roo and the Aussie boys

A smoking room for the 'Men' they could bond over football and stuff!

Lots of gossip for the girls

A 1yr old girls birthday to celebrate

9, soon to be 10, and hopefully much more, beautiful baby's to enjoy.

And 5 Yummy Mummys (+Ginge x)

I LOVE THESE GIRLS. and i cant wait till next your home Dutts (another 3yrs?) because next time 'WE WILL ALL' get together in the same room at the same time!



Crystal Jigsaw said...

Lovely photos and a great tribute to your friends. I've never had many friends (all say awww) but yours are obviously very loyal.

CJ xx

Anonymous said...

Ah Kym, I know I am full of the pregnancy hormones but you've just made me cry. Beautiful post and I'm sure the rest of 'The Girls' will think so too when they read it. Love you too you big soppy thing. Bish xxxx

Anonymous said...

I feel 10ft tall!
Love you too x

Kym said...

Was That you Ginge?..10ft tall!
Or maybe Ms Du'tan?

And Yes CJ....These girls are very loyal. I think were very lucky to have each other, Not all childhood friendships last farther than the school gate!