Friday, 16 April 2010

I Bet You Did'nt Know!

Seven things about me!
1. I once played clarinet live at the Albert Hall in front of Prince Charles.
2. The sewing machine i use is called a Delta and is an Aldi own brand!....I seriously need to upgrade like YESTERDAY!
3. I have been with Neilyboy for 7 and a half years but we broke up for 5 months and The Whirlwind was conceived the night we decided to get back together!.....Thats fate for you!
4. I have a belly button phobia!....I CAN NOT STAND anyone touching my belly button. I spent the last few weeks of my pregnancy having panic attacks that mine would pop out!.... Just thinking about it makes me feel sick!
5. I had my ears pierced when i was 9 days old!
6. I was born in Belize CA , moved to Germany when i was 3 and didnt move to the UK till i was six year old (army brat!) I have only been back to see my homeland once and that was 14 years ago....this is my saddest confession!
7. I am a serious SI-FI / Fantasy geek......Oh BUFFY how i miss you!....And don't get me started on Lost!

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Can I just say that this week has been 'THEEEEE SLOWEST WEEK EVER!!!!!' Neily-boy has been working away in Malta since Sunday, and was due to come home tonight, but thanks to ........'That Damn Volcano' .....His flight has been cancelled till late Monday night!
It has been Easter break which means that all the yummy mummy's who would normally frequent my shop (virtual workplace!) have funny enough! Not fancied popping in with their 10billion offspring! This has all resulted in long boring empty days ,followed by long boring empty evenings!
My Neighbour who i love....Lisa you rock!..... moved house today...Not so rock'in!.... So now i feel totally on my own!....On the plus side....Mussels in garlic sauce for dinner tomorrow!



Crystal Jigsaw said...

Great post, very entertaining. Very impressed at learning you played in front of Prince Charles. My daughter has a belly button phobia too.

CJ xx

A Modern Mother said...

Very impressed about Prince Charles. How cool is Belize!!!