Friday, 25 September 2009

Electronic meltdown!!!!

Why is it that when one thing breaks down it acts as a catalyst for everything else to go belly up!

Last week it was my sporting a lopsided lens which i need to physically pull out to make it work and then it truly is a case of pot luck as to weather its in focus or not!

Now this week my laptop has decided the stop working...Yup!.... Just stop!.... It doesn't want to play!
Oh it teases you!.......For about 2 minuets......The exact amount of time it lakes to boot up, and just as the wifi connects and Internet is about to switches off!
One minuet it was humming along nicely, feeding me my blogg/ facebook/ ebay addiction, happily distracting me from fulfilling any house work duties, or giving undivided attention to the Whirlwind (well Macca Pacca and co' are such great babysitters!, She hardly even notices me!)
The next its all.......
''computer says No!''

The only conclusion we can draw is that the battery needs replacing. In other words ......
''Its quiet literally knackered! ''
I have actually worn out my 9month old laptops battery! Is that 'normal' ???? Surly not! And it will now cost me £50 for a new one!!!!!!!!!
What is the point in it having a plug i ask?..... why does it need a battery 'and' a plug?.....Am i the only one who doest understand why, if the battery goes, you cant just plug it in!!!!

And then there's my sewing machine! It has started making some scary banging noises!....I don't want to think about it too much!......I'm hoping that if i ignore it, it will just go away!!!

On the plus side i am having a new phone delivered tomorrow, yippee! Its a Nokia N( sumatorother!) It has a 8mp camera.....that's almost as good as my proper fact it is a proper camera, which is the main reason i chose it, and it has wifi (coz lets face it, i don't actually need a phone, as no one ever rings anyone anymore, its all windows live and facebook right!)
So hopefully by the end of day tomorrow i shall be all multimedia'd up and wont have to wait untill gone midnight of an eve, to get my mitts on Neils hardware......oooh eerr Mrs!

In between tearing my hair out over hardware, i have been stitching up a fair few pairs of shoesies this week. These ones ( for a gorgeous little lady named Mai) are my favourite......

I love the bright contrasting colours of pink and orange and the way the flowers soften the effect of the stripe. I have started lining them in felt again, and today i bought some fleece to try out as it is much softer, although i am wondering if it will make them too bulky?...... We shall see!

x K

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banban said...

Those shoes are so cute. Love them!
It looks like you still haven't got your lap top up and running......hope you do soon!