Sunday, 11 October 2009

Swine flu V's Man flu!!!!

IM STILL HERE! (she screams!)
My computer is still broke!
My' camera is sill broke!
And after a VERY late night, at a party with Alexander O'neil and Jakki Graham! ( love a bit of 80's soul!) ....i am feeling decidedly 'Broke 'myself' today!

Any-Hoo i shall be spending my afternoon Whirlwind free as she had a sleepover at nanny and grandpa's last night and they are showing her off at friends today....yayyyyyy!
I will be stitching up a storm, trying out a pattern for (the mad as a hatter) lovely Amanda over at kitchy coo.
I will be back tomorrow for a show and tell of the results!

Oh and the reason for my looong absence? My o/h has been struck down this past two wks with what started as swine flu....but definitely turned into man flu the last two days....anyway he has had his laptop glued to his abdomen.....whilst lying in a constant horizontal position for 12 days, demanding about a thousand cups of tea a day. He mad a miraculous recovery for the party last night!!! and football this afternoon!!!! and thank god he is back at work tomorrow, Call me heartless but once he was on the home straight, looking after two demanding 'children' was well!!!!!!

x K

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