Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Pattern testers r us!

I had a very exciting project at the weekend! I basically put myself forward to test a pattern for the lovely, amazing, wonderfully talented ( can you tell i have a huuuuge girly crush on her!) Amanda from Kitchycoo.

Amanda makes the most amazing, cute, cool kids clothing, using the maddest kitchest most fantastic fabrics ( Seriously! I want to be her, be her best friend and be her child all at once!)

After much begging and pleading from her committed group of fans...or is that fans who should be committed!...She has finally dipped her toe into the world of Adult clothing, by recreating her famed toddler reversible asymmetric coat into big girl size....yayyyyyy.

PICK ME! PICK ME! i shouted when her call went out for testers of different shapes and sizes to do trial runs for her.

I tested the 10/12 pattern. I used two shades of poly cotton, for the test, but i have every intention of making up another in a bold print....the hunt for the perfect fabric has commenced! I have yet to sew on the buttons so have just used a couple of brooches for now.

Can i just point out how bloody impossible it is to take a decent picture using the self timer function....i have about 10 pics of the back of my head, and what the hell are you supposed to do with your hands????

This is a really versatile jacket....i added a belt in the last two picks for a dressy look...i think it works!
I look like a right dork in these pic's, and most alarmingly.....I really look like my mother!
Amanda YOU ROCK!
x K


Sew Scrumptious said...

Love it. It looks great! Well done. x

Kitschy Coo said...

Jeezo! *blushing madly* Thanks so much for the kind words, for testing this pattern so incredibly quickly and for the awesome feedback. Sending loads of good karma your way! And maybe some more patterns? :)