Friday, 11 December 2009

Lady Gaga

I couldn't help it!
I got my little computer back from the fixit man this week ( its been M.I.A since Sept!) and the first thing i did was look in my bookmarks, find all the fabric shops i had saved and spend money i should be using to buy Christmas presents! This is the first batch of quarters which arrived this morning from Gaga fabrics. Yummy!

So instead of finishing off my Christmas makes i decided to have a play.

Now look at the case for my laptop.....How boring!

Dull, black, faux leather sleeve........Snooze!

1/2 an hour after the postman arrived.......... Pink, red , Apples and ribbon!

Now that's much better!......... Hello my little friend!....Welcome home!

My how I've missed you!

x K


Sew Scrumptious said...

Love it!

Pearl said...

That is really a cute idea!


trixi said...

Really love that apple material you've used and the little tag at the side makes it look really cool! Actually I really like the material you've used for your phone pouch in the next post too.