Friday, 18 December 2009

A game of Cat & Mouse

Remember this book! I got it for my birthday a few months back...

It is packed full of loads of fun, cute and most importantly, easy projects! There are about 4 of the projects on my Christmas makes list , time will tell if i actually finish them ready for the big day! But at least one is done......

As you may remember from a previous post ,The Whirlwind is obsessed with playing skittles and we have been using empty water bottles which always looks like someone emptied the recycling in the middle of my living room floor! So this was just perfect to make for my little monkey!
I have to say i really enjoyed making up this little project, it was about 90% hand stitching so i was able to do it whilst i was at work, (it really helped to pass the time when things in the shop were quiet.)

I'm really pleased with how it has turned out, There are 6 mice and I'm amazed how round i managed to get my little cat ball .....Roo is going to love it!

I do have just one little thing to finish for this....a bag to store them all in!

x K

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Alisa said...

I just ordered a needle felting animals book. This one looks good too!