Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Daddy's finally home.!......Yipeee

Well it has been a busy past couple of week! I have been out and about visiting family and friends whilst daddy has been away, and after 3 wks living life as a single mum, ( i honestly don't know how those ladies manage...much respect!) he is finally home Yayyyyyy! And first thing on the list now he is back is to BOOK OUR HOLIDAY!...... Cant wait, Sun Sea, Sand here i come!.....although i have a dreaded feeling that holidaying with the 15mth old whirlwind is going to be a somewhat altogether different experience than last years hol's when she was only 3months old...... and couldn't move!!!!! But Bring it on anyway!

So in honour of the impending hols, i have made a start on The Whirlwinds wardrobe. Starting with a pillowcase dress (although not actually made from a pillowcase!) Needless to say she wouldn't keep still, but i think i managed to catch most of the detail. I am not really that pleased with it, i don't think that it hangs very straight! But its not bad for a first draft.

I need to shape the armholes and loose the pocket on my next attempt, but it is a quick and easy enough design for me to whip up in an hour or so. I have a feeling Roo's suitcase is going to be full of them!

And how cute does she look in her hat!

I also managed to get a few shoe and bib orders done last week.They turned out really well!.......After a few mishap's with my dodgy curved stitching on the bibs! Will definitely be making square ones in future!

x K

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