Friday, 26 June 2009


So as you can see we did eventually book ourselves a holiday! Not the original plan of a Villa in the Algarve, but an apartment in Majorca, and it was wonderful.

The whirlwind enjoyed every second. Mummy is convinced she was a mermaid in another life, and boy oh boy is she a little flirt, she had her own fan club everyday round the pool, and the maids bought her Spanish biscuits and cakes every morning, she obviously has her mothers charm.
We had 10 wonderful days of brilliant sunshine although on one day the temp reached 42 dgrs which was a bit much!

This is my favourite pic from the holiday......Roo definitely looks like her daddy from the back....they have the same bubble butt!

I had never been to Majorca before and never realised what a beautiful and colourful island it is, I was like a Japanese tourist on heat snapping away at all the lovely scenery.

This is definitely a place we will be visiting again....only next time we wont be booking it at 10pm Fri night and flying out 12 the next day!

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jolicious said...

I've had a few good holidays in Majorca with the kids - would love to go back! Looks like you had fun!