Wednesday, 10 June 2009

VERY Last minute!

OK so today is Wednesday and we are supposed to be going on holiday on Saturday...yes THIS Saturday! Now you would expect us to have it all planned by now, the flights, the accommodation, car hire, clothes sorted and ironed, ect, etc!

Do you think we have done ANY of that??????......


We have absolutely NOTHING booked! Yet my darling other-half is still convinced we will be going on Sat!

So I am off to look at Last minute villa deals for the 10000th time this week. I'm hoping that the right one will just mystically appear before my eyes for about 50p for 10 days!!!!!.....If you don't here from me for the next 2 wks i will, with any luck, be laying on a beach with Pinacolada in hand.....Then again, we are taking the whirlwind, so more than likely i will be buried up to my eyebrows in the sand!

x K


jolicious said...

Good luck! Hope you get a good deal with lots of sunshine!

Madam Salami said...

Blimey! Well have a fantastic holiday!

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