Tuesday, 19 May 2009

We love flutterbys

Every little girl needs a flutterby skirt, don't you think!
I made this one for Roo a couple of weeks ago. I just adore the blue butterfly fabric, unfortunately is was just a piece of castoff remnant from the fabric shop and they haven't had anymore back in yet, but i will be creating a whole summer wardrobe for the whirlwind when they do. This is her modeling it, ( mummy did iron it eventually!) works well with her new obsession with walking on tippie toes.

So since then i have had a play round with some more girlie skirts.

This one is too big for Roo but would fit a 3-4 yr old... Think i will add it to the shop this week. and plan on using yesterdays fabric to make a few more.

Can i just tell you how die-hard my daughter is!....she had her MMR jab today and she didn't cry or nuffin! Mind you if looks could kill , Roo would have stopped the nurse dead in her tracks after the second jab!

Heres a little something from Birdie to make you smile! There really is nothing funnier than a toddler discovering new flavours!

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