Sunday, 17 May 2009

Well here goes!

So I have decided to join in this whole blog thing! I thoroughly enjoy reading others, such as Soulemama, and Houseonhillroad , although i doubt mine will be half as good. And i guess it is a great way to promote myself and what i do....( Provided anyone reads it!)

So here is a snapshot of my life as it is today.. (just so you get a sense of me!)

I'm sitting on my sofa, in an over sized Primark tee and trakki bottoms! I'm not wearing makeup nor have i bothered with my hair today.

I'm not looking my best!

Good job my gorgeous man is not here. He is working away in Moscow for 3 wks. (1 down, 2 more to go!) Last time i spoke to him ( about 10pm last night here, and 1am there) he was sounding very merry in a bar watching Eurovision and being interviewed about it by the Russian press!

I would just like to say that i am not normally this much of a scruff, but being stuck on my own for a week with a 1yr old is beginning to take its toll!

Said 1yr old is of course looking her beautiful gorgeous self. (I don't mind slobbing it, but draw the line at having a slobby baby!) Luckily she is quiet a chilled baby, not hard work at all...darn! there goes my excuse for being lazy!

Well i haven't been completely lazy!.....I have been doing a bit of sewing!
This Fri is my mothers birthday, so i have decided to make her a bag!
This was yesterdays creation......

But I'm not sure i love it 100% for her! so i have started a new one today, This one is going to be more of a summer satchel. I prefer the fabric, and i have some lovely green stripe webbed ribbon that i am going to use as a strap, long enough to go across the shoulder.

if all goes well you may see a few in my misi shop next wk! I really do need to add more stuff, Im getting bored of looking at those babyshoes now!



jolicious said...

Congratulations on your first blog! Love the bags. Good luck with everything!

Jean said...

Lovely bags, and at least people know what you look like when 'relaxing at home' !! Not like us, we only show you the beads...
I'm following you too :)