Thursday, 12 November 2009

R.I.P Boris!

This week our goldfish died!
He was 5yrs old...Yes that's right FIVE!......Surely this must be some kind of goldfish survival record?
Neil bought him for me as a house warming when we moved into our first flat in October '04. I remember him ringing me at work to tell me he had just bought me a gerbil!!!! WTF!
Needless to say i was more than relieved to find he was pulling my leg and he had in fact bought 2 goldfish.
Boris had many mates join him in the first 3yrs (all named Buffy) but none of the others lasted more than 6months.
We always bought different colours/ breeds of goldfish so as not to confuses which was which! some for ridiculous prices considering how long they lived, yet Boris only cost us 50p.
It was very sad, we could see he was 'on his way out' when he started swimming lopsided, and then bloated out like Marlon Brando!
Finally on Sunday he dropped to the bottom of the tank and bellied up!
The Whirlwind keeps going up to the empty tank, throwing her arms in the air and shouting ''Gone, ish gone, ish gone bed, byebye ish''
We took her to the pet shop on Mon to pick out some new fish.
We have decided to go tropical this time so only bought the heater to convert the tank, and will go back at the weekend when it has warmed up.
R.I.P Boris